I like pizza, steve.

I do like pizza. It isn’t my favorite but it’s up there. It’s perfect for those, “I’m too lazy to cook” kind of days. It’s good to get if you’re really plastered and can’t drive. I am pretty cool with all kinds of pizza. I like sausage pizza. Pepperoni is good. Hamburger is okay. I like peppers on my pizza. But the all time greatest pizza, is cheese. I like getting my plain, cheese pizza. I’ll eat pizza with meat on it. I just don’t want to.

Jumping to the speciality pizzas…

I mentioned in my “Potatoes” blog that I hate hashbrowns. That is true. I think they are nasty. I don’t know what it is or why I do, but I like the baked potato pizza. There is something about that pizza. Maybe it’s the way it’s fixed. It’s one pizza I look forward to when I go to “all you can eat” pizza buffets. I like chicken Alfredo pizza. BBQ chicken pizza is good too. Mexican style pizza is tolerable, it just needs to be made right.

I can’t do thin crust. Thin crust reminds me of the Eucharist at mass. It’s stale, chalky and tasteless. I like hand-toss. I want to taste the dough.

I have ate it before but I don’t like pizza crust.

Stuff crust pizza was a horrible idea.

Papa Johns is my favorite pizza. I am sure there is better pizza. But talking about getting it delivered, then yes, it’s Papa Johns. I don’t really care for their sauce though. I am very fond of their dough. Next in line is, “Little Ceasers”. They used to deliver but stopped. I always found it funny about that place. There’s a Little Ceasers not too far from where we live. I’d say a 5 minute drive. They always delivered to us. Then one day, we were out of their delivery zone. What the eff? You’re five minutes from our house. How can we possibly be out of your delivery zone? We did pick it up on occasions. But we’re lazy people and having someone else bring it to us is the American way. I do miss that crazy bread though. Number three was Pizza Hut. I have recently been informed about some shady business that goes on inside the Hut. A gentlemen I know worked at a local Pizza Hut. Coincidently, he worked at the one I ordered from. Since talking to him, I have stopped eating at Pizza Hut. It’s been at least two weeks now. You’d be surprised at my “ban list” and how long it is and as to why certain places are banned. Taking the spot of Pizza Hut is, Papa Murphy’s. Great pizza and amazing crust. If you can tell, I am very particular about the crust. I think it is what makes or breaks the pizza.


I need to be honest with you. I don’t know much about frozen pizza. The only frozen pizza I eat is, Tostinos. They are a buck a pizza. Maybe the food is all processed, the crust is less than par but for one dollar, you can’t go wrong. I honestly could eat pizza at the time. I had pizza on lunch today and I just had pizza for dinner. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. It’s quick and easy and it has all the four food groups.

I am really not picky on pizza. I will eat just about any kind. I even like the tiny english muffin pizzas we all make. Those are good and fun to make. I wouldn’t ever say I am a picky pizza eater.