U Verse Me

I should have listened to my brother-in-law. He warned me about how awful this service is. But I didn’t. I decided to go for it and switch my cable and internet provider to someone besides Time Warner. I should mention that I have never had any real issue with Time Warner. My beef with Time Warner was with my internet. It was never as fast as I thought it should be. For instance, it would take me a while to load a short, 30 second youtube clip. I would click the play button and click it again to pause it. I would wait a few minutes till it loaded enough for me not to run into any buffering issues. My cable never went out. The only time it did go out was during some brown out. Kind of pissed me off. I was going to watch an MTV tribute on VH1. I missed that but I did get to witness another show. It was right in my own backyard. Click here to read about that crazy night.

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AT&T Logo

I want to tether my iPhone to my iPad!

The iPad is a great device with wasted potential. For once, I’m not going to rip Apple. Rather, I’m going to tear into AT&T. Yes, for those not willing to get the 3G version because they already have a device capable of accessing a 3G network you may want to keep reading. You see, I’m peeved. I’m peeved that others can create a portable WiFi hotspot with a Google Android 2.2 Froyo, but I cannot use an Apple iPhone of any generation to tether an iPad. WTF?
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