I want to tether my iPhone to my iPad!

The iPad is a great device with wasted potential. For once, I’m not going to rip Apple. Rather, I’m going to tear into AT&T. Yes, for those not willing to get the 3G version because they already have a device capable of accessing a 3G network you may want to keep reading. You see, I’m peeved. I’m peeved that others can create a portable WiFi hotspot with a Google Android 2.2 Froyo, but I cannot use an Apple iPhone of any generation to tether an iPad. WTF?

Seriously Jobs…screw AT&T.  And why not? They’ve been screwing their customers (including me) for years. Their new data plans set 1GB and 2GB limits with $10 overage charges for each add’l GB of usage. These plans aren’t horrible. In fact, I may be able to live with them. Especially since I get to grandfather my unlimited plan. Yeah, real swell. But, if I want to tether my iPhone I cannot use my existing unlimited plan. Why? The tethering plan, which btw is an add’l $20/mos, provides no add’l data than what I’m getting or what I would get with a 1GB/2GB data plan. Wait, what? Exactly.

If I get tethering, I pay for the “privilege” of using the iPhone’s existing tethering option. You heard me right. The iPhone already has tethering capabilities built in to both 3.0 and 4.0 iPh OS. So why would I want to pay $20/mos ($240/year) for this service when I can just jailbreak my iPh and tether for FREE? I wouldn’t. And, I won’t. When I got my iPh 4.0, I immediately went to jailbreak both the iPhone and the iPad just so I could tether w/o the ridiculous charges.

What’s up AT&T? You’ve got serious control issues. I hope that Sprint and Verizon get access to the new iPhone and even the iPad and you get screwed out of countless dollars. It’s not my fault the exorbitant charges I, and the 40+ million customers, pay each month can’t improve your 3G coverage. It’s yours. I don’t believe it’s Jobs fault for not letting the iPh tether to the iPad, I believe you did some shady backroom deal that solidified the decision. Why? See the aforementioned Android WiFi comment.

I doubt that iPad 3G sales will suffer if tethering is enabled. Apple has already sold 3 million iPads in 80 days.  If anything, you will secure dual iPhone/iPad owners.  I don’t see the need for an add’l $20/mos charge for a built-in service if you’re charging for data usage anyways. Can you explain the logic…logically? I doubt it.

AT&T. Pull your head out of your collective arse and listen to your customers. Your pocketbook will still benefit. I’m sure of it.

Let me know your thoughts. Post ’em below or send me an e-mail at TiTy@y2kemo.com.

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