justHost justSucks

500: JustHost Sucks.

justHost SucksI am pretty pissed off with my hosting company at the moment. I understand that the servers go down every so often. Yes, I can and do accept that. Today, however, my site was down for more than an hour. Had it been the first time I probably wouldn’t care. But this is the sixth time JustHost has shit on me.

I pay money for a service. I pay so people can visit my site and see what I have written. I don’t want people to arrive and see a 500 Server Error or a 404 Not Found flipping ’em off. When I come across a site that is down or experiencing an error, I move on never again to return to the site.

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Men at Work

I would like to apologize for my lack in updating and posting. I have been crazy busy. I am back to work on some upcoming blogs. Bare with me. I’ll post them as soon as I complete them. As a side note, I am also going to fix up the blog a bit. There are some things that are irking me. The theme may change. I am currently happy with the current theme I have but with all the work I am planning on doing, the theme may switch up a few times.

Thank you for stopping by.


Hoochie Momma

I am sorry for changing my theme all the time. I am happy with the current theme I am using now. But, a few features are not working correctly. The main reason for me being upset is the sliding random posts above the video player. It works on IE but only shows three of the four random posts. I tried Chrome and it doesn’t move. Nor does it move using Firefox. I can remove this feature but I do like it. I’d like it even more if they damn thing would work and slide like it is suppose to.

I’ve read the support forums and the questions seem to go unanswered. Till I can find the problem and get it fixed, I am sticking to a basic theme. If you are willing to help me with this endeavor, feel free to contact me.




I haven’t given up on this site. I have just been busy. I did give my site some thought. I figured, why dedicate my site, my blog to just food? It was the whole reason I made this site in the first place. I love food but am just so damn picky when it comes to it. Last night, while I was trying to sleep, I got an idea for a post. I argued it over a bit. It’s not a post about food but it is about me. That’s what this site my be turning in to.  I can blog about anything and everything.

I really want to do my idea tonight but a bit tired and my creative juices are running low. Now, I’ll just let you know that the site is taking a wide turn and will be about me, my life, and the rest of the crap that falls in between.