500: JustHost Sucks.

justHost SucksI am pretty pissed off with my hosting company at the moment. I understand that the servers go down every so often. Yes, I can and do accept that. Today, however, my site was down for more than an hour. Had it been the first time I probably wouldn’t care. But this is the sixth time JustHost has shit on me.

I pay money for a service. I pay so people can visit my site and see what I have written. I don’t want people to arrive and see a 500 Server Error or a 404 Not Found flipping ’em off. When I come across a site that is down or experiencing an error, I move on never again to return to the site.

I’m not kidding myself. I don’t claim to have a great site with tens of thousands of page views each day. I’m just saying I paid for a service that claims 99.9% uptime yet I was always the .1% of your guarantee. Come on JustHost, is it too much to ask to get what you advertise?

Apparently it is. That’s why today I’ve decided to jump ship and go with another webhost; someone a little more reliable. Sorry, JustHost. Your lack of communication (aka customer service) and your shitty upkeep (74% uptime) is turning customers (like me) away. There are plenty of other sites like Bluehost or Hostgator that offer the same guarantee and I’ll be giving them my money.

I bid you a fond farewell.


ps. It’s Valentine’s Day and you broke my heart.

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