Contacting The Dead

For months, I have blogged about the craziness I endure at my apartment. When I moved in here, I really thought things were going to be fine. I was sure that all the pain and bad memories would finally go away. Not long after I moved in here I noticed strange things. I would hear scratching from inside the walls. You would think that it was maybe a pest problem. Maybe I have rats living in my walls. But those simple and most logical theories were just that. They were theories. Neither one of them turned into anything. For what was clawing away inside my walls isn’t human. At some point in time, it was human. It was just another normal person living their life with each day being something new. Eventually, this person met her doom by the hands of her jealous husband. To get the whole story about Claudia, click here. This will explain it all.

With Claudia came Carlos. He’s the ying to her yang. He too is another specter. This spirit and I have crossed paths before. Friends and family try to say that he isn’t a ghost. That it’s just my imagination. Say what you want but explain to me as to how after being her for over a year, I have yet to ever see this man? I have never seen him. This only comes to the most logical theory. He is a ghost and haunts the apartment. His ghostly body has tormented me before. He doesn’t care for my music and when that day happened, it explains it all. He contacted me and let me know that he is here. While I assumed he only haunted the apartment below me, that day put all that to an end. I knew then that he has been in my apartment before and to this day, makes frequent visits. Life is grand. Zombies, ghosts, and witches. Why am I so blessed?

When it’s Halloween, the line between the living and the dead is open. During this time the spirits can roam frePhoto Of Ghostely and walking among the living. Being the curious person I am, I decided to see if maybe all these stories I talk about are true. Is my apartment really haunted by a ghost? Is there a zombie living in my walls? I had to know how true this was. My curiosity not only surprised me but also put those stories to rest. They weren’t just stories. They are true. My apartment is actually haunted.  I sat on my couch and took some photos. I freaked out! You can try to say that it was probably a friend. The only problem with that is I was alone. No one else was over. I don’t know what it is. I cannot explain it. Could my apartment really be haunted? Was it maybe a reflection of me or maybe  a trick or treater at the door?

I looked at the photo and wondered if maybe I captured Claudia on film? I mean, it has to be her. What else can it be? I don’t recall seeing a trick or treater at my door and besides, I always keep my door shut. This evil zombie creature is now lurking about my apartment. She is no longer held captive in the walls. Hopefully, it’s just for that night. I really hope that once the line between the living and the dead closed, I wouldn’t have to deal with her and her wicked ways anymore. I will still have to deal with her but being Halloween night, the dead are stronger and can do things.

I was pretty scared when I took that photo, I was determined to see if maybe I could actually capture some more. That was a huge mistake. I should have just set the camera down and grabbed myself a priest to cleanse this place. I took more snapshots and waited to see if something else walked into view. Was I able to get Claudia on film once more? Photo Of GhostI guess I did. Once again, with it being Halloween, I was able to see the ghosts that have been tormenting me since I moved in here. How will I be able to sleep here anymore? How can I continue living in this complex when I know that zombies, ghosts, and witches all live here freely? Sooner or later, it’s gonna be all Hell on Earth if we don’t do something quit to put an end to this horror like movie.

The photos were too much. I left my apartment and went to a friend’s house. I didn’t speak of the photos or the other events I tinkered with that night. I looked pale. She mentioned that. I shrugged it off and played it off like nothing was the matter. I wasn’t about to tell her my apartment is  haunted for real. She is a pretty religious person and bringing up the topic of ghosts or possibly a demon, she would force me into moving and heading to the nearest church as fast as I could.

Getting back home, I feared walking inside. I felt a cold chill. Claudia was still creeping about. I know that. With all the craziness from the night and the several photos I took, I knew that if I pushed myself a little further I could capture something more. I dug an old digital tape recorder out from a box and started it up. I walked around the apartment. If I was able to get photos of Claudia, I bet I will be able to get her voice on tape. I was ready to capture my first EVP.

Below are a few clips from my walk through. I cannot make out everything that is said but it is still scary to know that I caught these on tape. Take a listen and see if you can hear what is being said.

The first one I ask, “Is there someone in the house?” I cannot make out what is said. Maybe you can. what do you hear?


The second one I asked “should I leave you alone?” To me, it sounds like it answers, “GET OUT!”


I assume that I am talking to Claudia and the next EVP only assures me that I am right. I ask if they are buried inside my wall and you can clearly hear, “Let me out.”


Lastly, I went a step further to see if the legend of Claudia and Carlos were true. Asking if she was killed, she replies with his name.


While this really makes the hair on my arms stand up, I am still amazed that these actually worked. I always love reading about EVPs. There is even a cemetery not too far from where I live that is haunted and I’ve always wanted to check it out. I would love to captured some more photos and some more EVPs. Hopefully, I will put that on my agenda and make my way to the spooky graveyard.

This was how I spent my Halloween. Instead of boozing it up, I contacted the dead and made a connection. This only pPhoto Of Ghostroves that everything I have told you about my apartment is true. There are ghosts here and they have no desire to leave. They want me out and I hope for my sake, that I finally come to my senses and get the hell out of dodge. If not, they might come get me in my sleep. They already tried once.

After the photos and the EVPs, I decided not to go further and try to capture them on video. I don’t know if I would be able to keep my cool if I saw a pillow or a book float across my room. I know Paranormal Activity is just a movie but if I had to actually live through that and be tormented by a demon named Toby, I would wet myself. I mean how scary is the name Claudia? Just seeing that photo to the left, I don’t see claws. I rather not have my face ripped off during the night.  Oh well. I am safe for now. I want my friends and family to know that I am safe. I will not let these dark spirits of the night run me off. They don’t have a hold on me and they never will. If things ever do get serious, I welcome anyone with ideas of how to rid myself of these things. Don’t worry, I will protect anyone that comes over. Pray for me. I just hope I didn’t open something up that I shouldn’t have. If I did, I am in a world of trouble.






Carlos Visited Me

I have lived in a few different apartments. I have had my share of misfortunes. I’ve had the crappy neighbors. I’ve had a spider infestations. I’ve been robbed. All that is nothing compared to the hell I am going through now. I live above an asshole of a man named, Carlos. He’s stubborn as a mule. I joked that he was a ghost. I said how the Dead Zombie Wife murdered him one night. I have yet to ever meet this man. I have lived here for 4 months. In these 4 short months, I still haven’t seen him. Not even once. It only leads me to believe that he really is a ghost. I already know Claudia (Dead Zombie Wife) is real. I’ve heard her a few times and even had her visit me once in my dreams.

I have never seen a ghost. I claim I did once twice but thinking about it now, it was probably just my imagination.

It was Halloween night one year. I was young. I’d say 12. I woke up one night. No reason why I woke up. I just did. I slept on a bunk bed. As I was climbing off the bed, I gazed out the window. At that exact moment, I saw something float by the window. It was transparent. My mother told me it was probably neighborhood kids fooling around. But if that were true, how would they have known I was going to wake up at that exact time? Maybe I was not fully awake. Maybe my eyes were still getting adjusted. Whatever it was, I swore I saw a ghost that night. But now, I don’t. It was just my imagination running wild.

The second time isn’t really a ghost story but it still scared the s**t out of me. I left the house one early morning for work. My mother’s car was in the driveway. My car was in the street. I took a look at my moms car. I saw what looked like a black silhouette of a tall lanky man leaning against her car. It was out of the corner of my eye. I focused on my car and thought, “did I just see that?” I glanced back at her car and nothing was there. Just my imagination I bet. Still, who knows. There is plenty of things out there in the world that we cannot and will not ever explain.

I haven’t been visited by Claudia for a while. I still hear her every so often. I don’t know why this woman terrorizes me. I did nothing to her. I just ended up living in the place she once lived. But, now we come to Carlos. He did die (murdered) in my apartment. Maybe his ghost wanders the fourplex. He already haunts the place below me. Is he married? I don’t know. I have yet to ever see a woman nor have I ever heard one. I don’t even hear him. I just hear the children. (Ghost children are the scariest. Let’s just hope they aren’t ghost. I won’t be able to handle that). I feel like he’s now out to get me. Maybe not murder me but he’s out to make my life hell. He wants me out. He must still have a thing for Claudia. These two must believe my apartment is hers. I am sorry, Carlos. But Claudia is dead and gone. She may be a zombie living in my walls. She may be after my brains.

Re Your Brains

But she doesn’t pay rent. She doesn’t clean. She just creeps out of the wall on occasions and does all she can to scare the hell out of me. Are these two damned souls in cahoots? Are they taking turns to scare me away from this place? I am now certain they are. It was a normal afternoon. I was just putting my clothes away. I have a stereo sitting on my dresser. It is always off. I have turned it on maybe 3 times. I am normally listening to music through my headphones. The ghost of Carlos isn’t too fond of my Carlos hates my music. I even played a song I thought he would like but no. He hated that too. I am putting my clothes away. I am jamming away to some music. I got a cold chill. It isn’t unusual for me to get them. I get them quite frequently. The room didn’t get cold. There was no eerie sounds or voices in the room (actually there may have been. I had my headphones on. So maybe there were voices). The current song I was listening to was coming to an end. I was shocked to hear another song playing. I had to stop for a second and look around. “Where the heck is that coming from?” Turns out, the stereo I never use, the stereo that is always off, was playing music (what song started playing?), You may question me about it. You may think I hit to remote by accident. Maybe I hit ‘play’ by mistake. Neither one happened. One, I lost the remote. Secondly, if I did hit a button, I would have had to hit two buttons. One to turn it on and the second to play the CD.

I stopped the CD. And no lie but I called out, “hello!?” No one answered. I checked behind the dresser if maybe the cord was loose and somehow I pushed it back in when I closed a drawer. Maybe the song I was listening to started the CD up. Not the actual song but my phone. Maybe some electric waves went awry and triggered the stereo to boot up. I tried to recreate it. I waved the phone in front of the stereo. Nothing. I walked around my apartment to see maybe there was some sign, something that will give me an answer to what just happened.  My heart was racing. I did feel like there was someone in my apartment with me. But I found nothing. Only logical answer there is,

“Ghost of Carlos” turned it on.

This is becoming an unholy place to live. I can deal with the LL. I have no beef with Needle Nancy and Tramp Stamp. They are alive. I have seen and spoken to them both. They are just a nuisance. Could I be wrong about Richard? What if he never did leave? What if Claudia got to him first and he’s somewhere in my apartment. Could it be possible that I may be troubled by not two but three spirits? Was it Richard that turned on the music? Was it ‘The Ghost of Carlos’?  Has Carlos ventured out from his apartment to now haunt mine? Why now? Why not when I first moved in? Why play music? He hates my music. Could he have been trying to get a noise complaint on me? Far fetched but you never know.

Why must I be the victim to these unruly spirits? I can handle DZW. She doesn’t harm me. She bugs the crap out of me but that’s all. I shouldn’t jinx myself. Who knows what these two people are up to. I haven’t heard Carlos today. I haven’t heard Claudia either. I have heard pounding on my walls the last few days. I assume it’s the Lazy Laundriers knocking boots but upon my inspection once, there was no car out front. Leads me to believe it was Claudia or someone in the LL is unfaithful to the other.

I will keep you posted if anymore odd things begin to happen to me. Please if you know someone who can exorcise a demon, ghost, or a zombie, please let me know. I rather not fall victim to these two creatures. Thank you,

Boogedy, Boogedy, Boo!