Inception: Clown Dream

I want to make something clear about this post before you read it. I wrote this at about 1am. I had just woken up from the dream and didn’t want to forget it. It isn’t like the other dreams. It’s different. Just read on. I need to write this down before I forget it. I won’t post this till the morning. I just had a dream and while I have some pretty fucked up dreams about nothing, this one actually wasn’t a dream. It was more of a nightmare. Chinese food and a couple of beers is to blame. I have had nightmares before. One was about a cyclops and another was me walking into a spider web. I have lots of dreams about zombies but those never scare me. Never once did I wake up screaming about the zombies that were after me. Other things scare me. Let me get to the dream…excuse me. I meant nightmare.

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