I Am A Picky Eater.

Food. Glorious food!  Hot sausage and mustard!

You like food. I like food. We all like food! I really like food. It is the best thing in the world. Before this became what it is now, it was going to be about food and only food. I will get that to that in a future post. For now, I want to talk about food that I just don’t eat. I have talked about some of the things I don’t eat but I don’t think I have ever really dove into all the crap I dislike.

I am a picky eater. I just am. I work with food all day. You’d think I would have a pallet for all sorts of delicious things and eat just about mrhorsewhatever it put in front of me. That isn’t me. I have my likes and my dislikes. I am sure you do too. I know you do. It is crazy if you will eat anything. My mother swears that my brother will eat anything. He has no dislikes for anything. While he may like more than me, I am sure there is some obscure thing that he tried and quoted Mr. Horse.

But I am not going to talk about my brother or my other 30 siblings that I have. I will not talk about their love for certain foods that I dislike. I will only talk about mine. I have talked a few times about some things. For when this was going to be a blog all about food, I did a terrible job at doing just that.

I will get this out of the way quickly. I don’t like seafood. None of it. I have tried salmon, catfish, shrimp, cod, etc… But why try so many types if you don’t like seafood in general? No reason. I figured I would give it a whirl. It does nothing for me. I just don’t like seafood at all. It just has a nasty taste to me and I don’t care how much seasoning you put on it or how much bacon it’s wrapped in, I will still avoid it at all cost. It just isn’t my cup of tea and this is coming from a guy who ran a seafood buffet for four years.

I am a meat lover. I love steak. I love ham and I love pork. I like chicken and I like meatloafground beef. I like meat. I will eat a burger any day. It has to be medium well. Steak on the other hand is medium rare. It’s how I do things. With talking about ground beef, I will say I dislike meatloaf. Even its red-headed stepchild, the salisbury steak. Both are equally disgusting. I know we had meatloaf all the time growing up so I probably just got fed up with it and the taste of meatloaf just bothers me and does nothing for me. People seem to love it though. Don’t get why.

I talked before about bananas. I dislike that fruit with a passion. The worst fruit there is. Why it is the staple of a morning breakfast for just about everyone is crazy. The smell. The texture. Even the sound of someone eating it bothers me.

I know my sister hates them just as much. We both cringe at the sound of someone eating one. You ever really listen to someone eat one? It’s not very pleasant to the ears. You’re smacking your lips together and you try to chew it but you can’t. It just sticks to every crevasse of your mouth. You have this stringy and mushy goop just oozing about in your mouth.

Just a few weeks ago my boss was eating one. I caught just a whiff. I gagged and bolted in the other direction. Yes. The smell of a banana is that bothersome to me. Its’ aroma is right up there with red bull and any other energy drink. It’s the smell that gets me.

They aren’t the only fruit I hate. I am not a fan of grapefruits. You think calling it grapefruit it would taste like a grape. It doesn’t. To me, it’s taste like an orange if it spoiled. Maybe I would like them now. Haven’t ate one in decades. I like fruit. Fruit is great and it’s good for you. I just don’t care for those two and don’t care for honeydew and cantaloupe. Dare I say that I am not a huge apple fan? Not the company. The fruit. I like apples. I just don’t have it on my top 5 list of fruit. Don’t get me started on apple juice…

Lettuce (haha…pun) talk about vegetables for a while. I eat my veggies. When I bring up hating a certain vegetable, people assume I don’t eat any vegetables. That’s not true. I just don’t care for a select few. Again, I haven’t tried every vegetable known to man. I am mainly discussing the staple veggies we all eat quite often. I strongly hate green beans. Not a fan. Not at all. This is the one people are so shocked about. Once I tell them I don’t eat them, they assume I don’t like any vegetables. I like plenty of them. I like carrots, peas, broccoli, corn, kale, etc… It is just the staple dinner side item that I hate. Like meatloaf, I am sure I had my fill of green beans and decided they are gross.


I talked at great lengths about potatoes in a previous post. I talked about certain ways potatoes are prepared that I liked and others I didn’t. That is from 2009. I had to look at the date. That’s quite some time ago. I am the same on most of it. I still dislike potato chips. I don’t like baked potatoes and I still adore potato soup. A couple of things are different. I am eating fries again. I don’t know when I stopped eating them and don’t know when I started again. Sometime during the span of 2009 and 2016, I started eating them again. They are good. Hashbrowns? Meh… I have eaten them. Not great. I don’t crave them and if I am out for breakfast and they won’t sub or I forget to ask, I’ll eat them.

I am still dead set on only liking my mom’s potato salad. Do not like store bought. I only like hers. Potatoes are good. I am just stuck with liking them a certain way. Mash them and I am happy as a clam. But you bake those things, I will go the other way. Hand to God, it has been over 10 years since I have eaten a baked potato.

Still on vegetables, I also talked before about green peppers (the other colors suck) and popcorn. While popcorn isn’t really a veggie, it comes from corn. I love corn. I am a lover of cream corn. I know it looks nasty but it’s amazing! With popcorn, I like most things, just stopped eating it one day. I am eating it again. It’s good. So there is chance that I will eventually like the above items in the near or distant future.

I am wishy-washy on onions. I like them. I just don’t care for them on burgers. Mainly it’s my hatred for cold onions. I like them cooked. While I will eat them cold under some certain circumstances, I am not a fan of them being cold. Cook them and I am okay with it. The white, the yellow, the red, and the green onion are good in my book. I am not totally against onions. I am just picky on how they are prepared or what they are mixed with.

If I am going to speak of more vegetables, which will probably be the last one, I pickleswill talk about pickles. Again, not really a veggie but once a cucumber, I’ll tack it on to the veggie area. I am not a fan of pickles. While I cannot say I fully hate all pickles, I do like one. One pickle in particular. I like the sweet gherkins. The only one I eat. I only eat it on Thanksgiving. It’ll be on our veggie tray for Thanksgiving Dinner. Aside from that, I don’t go out of my way to buy a jar for myself.

I think that covers vegetables. I shall move on to other things and this should about complete this entry. I already mentioned I dislike pickles. That also includes relish. I am not a huge fan of mustard. My hot dog is just dressed with ketchup with I guess being from Chicago, is a bad thing. I don’t need all that crap on it. It’s not a real Chicago dog if you don’t dress it with everything and the kitchen sink.

I am not a fan of ranch. Like not a fan at all. Ranch is awful. Honey mustard is awful too. Buffalo sauce is nasty. Wait. That’s a tricky one. I have a dislike for the smell of vinegar. Some sauces, like Tabasco and Louisiana hot sauce use vinegar. The smell bothers me enough that I have no desire to ever put in on my food.

My coffee needs to be black. I don’t like cream or sugar in it. Plus, coffee needs to be hot. Cold coffee is an abomination. I don’t like mountain dew or mr pibb. I drink a small selection of sodas. There is a handful of soda I dislike and only a few I do. If I am going to list the one I drink,

  • coke
  • pepsi
  • diet pepsi
  • root beer
  • sprite
  • sierra mist

I thought the list would be a bit longer but honestly, I believe that’s all I drink. I like what I drink. It was maybe a year ago. I tried Mountain Dew for the first time. It was gross. Yes. It was honestly my first time ever trying it.

See? I am picky eater. I hate lots of things. I don’t like things people should like. I don’t like marshmallows. I don’t like swiss cheese or co-jack. I dislike mushrooms. I dislike garlic toast. I hate grape jelly. I don’t like fried rice. I don’t even like salad. I love tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers. But if put it in a bowl all together, I won’t touch it. I did eat salad a while ago but that was to impress a girl. Yeah…I ate salad to impress a girl.

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I can go on and on about all the crazy things I hate. But this entry will be endless. While I dislike so much food, I can tell you I like one dish above all. I am sure you like it too. Cause we all know everybody loves lasagna. Comment below. Let me know if you agree with me or not. Or share what you dislike. I’d love to know.



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