I don’t know why but whenever I think of potatoes, that song comes to my mind. I’ll be at work and just start saying that. I don’t want to bash the potato. I like it. I just don’t love it. Kind of strange too. I am Irish and being Irish, you’d think I would eat them up like there’s no tomorrow. My sister does. It’s disgusting. She’d take four or five potatoes and toss them in the microwave. Nothing on them. Just plain. No butter, no sour cream, no bacon, chives, or chili. Just a plain potato. It wouldn’t be such a big deal but she’s not even 100 pounds and is about 5′4. Where she puts it, who knows.


Besides her love for the nuked potato, she’d make fries or chips. We had a crock pot that can also be used as a fryer. It was a pretty cool thing. I think we might still have it. That is the crap my sister eats. Lots and lots of potatoes. I on the other hand, eat only a selected few potato products.

Mashed Potatoes. I will eat those. I love mashed potatoes. I will smother it in gravy. Beef or Turkey. I don’t like chicken flavored gravy. OoO… I like white gravy too. That’s fire.

Tator Tots. I like these with ketchup.

Potato Salad. I will only eat my mom’s homemade potato salad. I don’t like store bought. I grew up eating it and it’s one of those necessities you need in life. A standard at every holiday and family gathering.

Baked Potato Soup. I never really cared for baked potato soup before. I was dining out one night and it was clam chowder or baked potato soup. I don’t eat salad or sea food. Potato Soup it is! Turns out, I enjoy it. It has become a staple of mine at many restaurants.

Now, to the potatoes I will not eat.

Fries. Nasty, little things. I have ate fries. I ate them all the time. One day, I just stopped. They weren’t good anymore to me. I get screwed over though. I usually have to pay more when I get a burger and rings. Most places charge you an insane amount if you opt for the rings in place of fries.

Baked Potatoes. Again, something else I will not touch. Put it in a soup, and I’ll gobble it up. Put it on a plate and load it up with shit, and I won’t. Strange. Very, very strange. Don’t ask about the sweet potato. I hate those too.

Hashbrowns Nope. Hate these too. Don’t get it. Don’t get why these are so popular.

Roasted Potatoes. These are just liked a baked potato. I don’t care for those tiny red potatoes. They do make an amazing potato casserole. It’s second rate to some people. Funny how I have a signature dish that I don’t even eat. My boss got a little worried about it being such a hot seller, so he made me stop making it. He said to me, “let’s discontinue it for a while.” Now, we only serve his so-called, “party potatoes”. Not really a party to me.  I can only put it one way. It would be like him and I both coming to your house for a party. I bring the whiskey and he brings zima. You decide.

Cheesy Potatoes.  Gross. nuff’ said.

Potato Chips. Another item I stopped eating. I like tortilla chips way more. Now I assume the pringle is potato chip. If it is, then yes, I still eat chips. But, it’s hard to call it a chip when it taste nothing like a normal potato chip. It’s not oily and it doesn’t leave this nasty, “I shouldn’t have eaten that” taste in your mouth.

I believe I have covered all the potatoes. The potato is a very versatile vegetable. Baking, frying, roasting, boiling, cold or hot. The potato can be used so many ways. With so many different way to prepare these spuds, why do I only crave a few select methods? Are there vegetables you don’t care to eat?

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