The Green Pepper

Here is my first post. I mentioned how I will be talking about food related things. I will post recipes, photos of things I eat and prepare, my odd eating habits, and anything else related to the greatest thing ever. That being food. It sucks being hungry. I am a small guy. If you saw me, you would never imagine the amount of food I can put down. The biggest downside to this gift is I am constantly hungry. I always need to eat. Not to sound like I eat 24/7, I will stop. That’s usually when I am sleeping or bathing. Those are two of the very rare moments in my life when I won’t eat. Tonight, my sister made dinner. I was too lazy to drive out and pick up something. Being as hungry as I was, I would have eaten anything. I mean anything. I’m looking at you seafood. You had your chance.

Just moments ago, I ate some fajitas but that didn’t fill me up. It was okay. I’ve never been a fajita guy. I think it’s the seasoning that turns me off. Not to mention, the ungodly amount of peppers my sister put in them.  I wasn’t a fan of peppers for most of my life. I always thought they were going to be hot. () I ended up eating it one day and enjoyed them. That is the green. I like the green pepper. The other two, not so much. I am not a fan of the red and yellow peppers. I’ll eat them but if I had a choice of picking between a red, yellow or a green, you can be sure as hell I will take the green one. They are just so tasty! Crunchy too! I’ll eat those hot or cold anytime. Wait. Scratch that. I won’t eat it if it’s made into a stuffed pepper. I don’t like those. Yellow peppers and red peppers just don’t taste the same as a green. When they are cooked, they taste just even worse. There you have it, folks! The first real entry about food. There will be more to come.

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I like food. I like the smell of cinnamon.

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