Eventually, We Will Run Out Of Band-Aids.

Another shooting. It is the norm now. I think America is broke. We are a broken country with little to no regard to anyone. We are constantly killing each other because…well, I don’t know. We just do. We just keep killing each other and pray. We pray that it will end and condemn violence. But let a day or two pass and we are back at it again, killing each other then praying for it to end. Rinse and repeat.

massshootingsI don’t have a solution. I am just an average American with little to no concept of gun laws. It is sickening to see every morning that someone else went apeshit and killed another human being. It will never stop. I wish it would. I wish we can all shake hands and be all, “you cool, bro?” From Orlando to Dallas, to Newtown and Aurora, this vicious cycle of mass shootings is not an isolated incident. It’s the normal routine of a country that once prided itself of being land of the free and home of the brave. We can’t be either of those if we are always looking over our shoulders or hiding inside our homes because we worry if or when we’ll be the next statistic on a long list of everyday, normal shooting sprees.


allfixedStop the killings. Stop the violence. Just stop. If I were to devise a way to fix America, I’d just put a giant band-aid on us. Keep us protected and safe from infection and let the healing process do its thing. It may work. It has to work.

There isn’t any other way. Laws aren’t helping. Peaceful protests aren’t helping. Praying it away is garbage. This is the only solution to a very common problem. It may be just what we need but we all know that ripping that sucker off is painful. Sure, it hurts. The wound is healed. There is going to be a scar. Yes, you’ll always be reminded of what happened. Perhaps it is best to never take it off. Don’t trouble yourself with having to look at the scar and be reminded of the pain you endured. Leave it on cause we know we’ll have to put a new one back in quite soon. Eventually, we’ll run out of band-aids.


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