Halloween Costumes: 2006-2009

This is the final set of costumes I will post before I announce to the world (at least to those that aren’t aware yet) what my costume will be this year. Comparing the set of costumes between 2002-2005 and the costumes between 1998-2001, I might have to give credit to the later ones. Maybe it was the whole “dressing up as employees” thing that started to go dry. After a few years, the shock value of it wears off and all I am left with is,

Really? Dressing up as someone else again this year? Can’t you be a little more creative?

Okay. I will. I did just that. I do love the arrow and I still love my Woody outfit. Those two were pure genius. The set of costumes I am about to show are the most recent and probably the ones that took a little more planning than the ones before. I feel these four costumes showcase my love for Halloween. They are some of my best work. I cannot take all the credit for the work that went in to them. I had help. But the idea, the planning and the look I was going for, was all me.  I hope you like these. I will say it again. I think this years costumes is going to blow all the others out of the water. That’s how sure I am this year.

2006: Pee-Wee Herman (4 out of 5 stars)

Who doesn’t love Pee Wee? (Follow him on Twitter @peeweeherman)We all grew up watching him. Pee Wee’s Playhouse and his two movies. Big Top Pee Wee wasn’t as good as the original. I don’t think I’d call it, Big Flop Pee Wee. It is just that old stigmata that attaches itself to every sequel ever made. People see the sequel for one reason. How better is it going to be than the first one?


I went to my sister’s house to trick or treat with my niece. This is her favorite costume of mine. I remember trying to find a red bow tie. You’d be shocked how difficult it was to find out. It’s almost like looking for a pig nose in a Halloween store. After hours of searching, I went to a formal shop. If anyone was to have one, these guys should. I asked about the bow tie and said I needed it for my costume. The gentleman laughed and went to look for one. I was in luck. He had one. Handing it to me, he said

I don’t know about you but Chip and Dale dancers wear black ties.

Pee Wee HermanI think I paid like five bucks for it. I would have paid 20 if I had to. That’s how important the tie was to me. I bought a pair of shoes at the thrift store and purchased the suit as well. The sales at a thrift store have to sky-rocket around Halloween. I know I am not the only one who buys the crap they need there. While with my sister and my nieces, I handed out the candy when the kids came to the door. Each time they did, I would blast “Tequila” from the CD player. I think the parents got more of a kick out of it than the kids did. Again, like the year before this wasn’t the costume I wanted. I wanted to be something else. I just never got around to it. But finally, after so many years of saying I will, I am doing it. It’s coming in 2010. So watch for it.

2007: Forrest Gump (3 out of 5 stars)

Ah, good ole Forrest Gump. Even before I was Forrest Gump for Halloween, I was Forrest Gump in a skit my brother and I did back in 1998. It was a classic Forrest Gumpskit. Some of our finest work. I spent some time at work talking like him and also handed out candy from a box of chocolate. I liked the costume but I think it could have been better. The suit didn’t work as well as I wanted. The shirt was okay. I even tried to get a haircut like him but the barber had no idea what I was talking about…even when I showed her a photo of the haircut I wanted. But even with this costume not being the greatest or turning out the way I wanted, the following year made up for it. I think the next two costumes really set the bar high. I have to keep doing better costumes every year now. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at 2008. Tell me it’s not the greatest costumes ever!

2008: Two Face (5 out of 5 stars)

Two FaceThis is by far, my favorite costume I have ever done. I was debating on three costumes. One was this, the other was another batman villain (The Riddler) and the last is the costume I am going as this year. Again, I opted not to do the costume I have been craved for so many years. I looked around for clothes to complete the Riddler costume but it’s damn near impossible to find green pants. Hell, anything green is a chore in itself. I didn’t want to do the Two Face from the movie, “The Dark Knight”. That isn’t the Two Face I know and have grown to love. I decided on doing the Two Face from the hit cartoon, “Batman: The Animated Series“. I would have done the same if I found the clothes for The Riddler.

With the Batman movie out, it was apparent people were going to go as the Joker, Batman, and possibly Two Face. I went to a party with a friend to Columbia. I went as Two Face and he want as the Joker. I think we did a effin’ awesome job on our costumes. I almost gave up on the whole thing when I was having problems with the suit. The pants were easy. I spray painted one side of a pair of black pants white, the shirt, and did the same with the tie. I tried doing the same with the jacket but the paint wouldn’t stay on. I was furious. I didn’t want to give up. My mother came to the rescue with an idea to fuse the material on. I had an old black jacket and took some white material. From there, she created the coat. Like before, once I got the outfit on and I looked at myself in the mirror, I smiled. I knew that what I was wearing was perfect.

Two Face & Joker

I used the hair pray to color my hair black and white. I had face paint to make my face blue as well. I wanted the yellow eye but being someone who doesn’t wear contacts, I was out of luck. It didn’t ruin it for me but it would have been nice to get the last final touch in place. When I was jacked out of the costume contest for my Woody outfit, it was effin’ awesome to win the one our store had. I think I got like a $30.00 gift card. I guess I would have been more excited about it if I didn’t spend nearly 80 on this costume alone.

At the party in Columbia, I saw a few other characters from Batman. I wish I would have gotten a group photo with all of them. I didn’t know these people but to have all these people together, would have been a kodak moment. I was confronted by some gal when I was outside. She sat down next to me and tapped me on my shoulder.

You know, dressing and looking like that isn’t going to get any girls to talk to you. You look creepy. Girls don’t like the creepy guys.

Eff you, honey. If I am not mistaken, you’re talking to me. So go away. The party was fun. Even on the car ride home, we talked about plans for the next year. That’s how I roll.We plan in advance.

2009: The Mad Hatter (5 out of 5 stars)

This was what I wore last year. I loved the costume. I just wasn’t happy with the coat. Mad HatterThere were many trials and errors when putting the hat together. I started with poster board but it wouldn’t keep form. Plus trying to keep in on my head was a problem as well. My mother (the sewing genius) suggested we make out of out wire and cloth. Okay. I buy the crap and you sew it. The hat was perfect. It fit nicely. I bought a ‘mad scientist’ wig and pulled it apart to give my costume the hair it needed.

The hair itched though. God, did it itch. I traveled back to Columbia for another party. My friend dressed as Dr. House. Everyone knew who he was. People assumed I was Willy Wonka. I can see how they might confuse the two but really? Really!? Wonka wears a purple hat The Mad Hatter wears green. I was told I was drunk on the floor telling those who walked by,

The Mad Hatter is tired so he’s taking a nap.

Thumbs up for being a drunken fool. No matter. Drunk or not drunk, it was a fun party and my costume kicked all their costume’s aces. I liked this costume. I liked my Two Face costume better. It was still something I put a lot of work into and was another step up from the year before. I still have the hat. It is sitting in my mother’s garage. I have little pieces from each costume. Even the Two Face costume. The whole outfit is in my bedroom closet. You never know when I might need to brush it off and wear it once more.

There you go, folks. Across 12 years and 3 posts, you were treated to what I was for Halloween all those years. Some were good and some were bad. I believe the last four costumes have improved from the first four. Next week, I will post the costume I am going as this year. I do hope you enjoy it. I have been wanting to pull it off for so many years. Now, I think is the time to finally get it into action. Please keep checking back. I will post it next week. Take the poll and let me know what you think was the best costume between 2006-2009.

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