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Being close to Halloween, I feel it’s time to make a post about what scared me when I was little. I started up a section of the blog devoted to “top ten movies” of certain genres. I sort of pulled an epic fail on that. Maybe one day I’ll get back to writing them. The first one that started it was “top ten horror movies“. It isn’t a list I pulled from high-profile sites but a list of movies that I loved more than anything. Who doesn’t love a good scary movie? Below is a short list of movies that kept me up at night, clutching my pillow and fearing what might be underneath my bed. In no particular order…

1. Thriller

…darkness falls across the land

and the midnight hour is close at hand

creatures crawl in search of blood

to terrorize yours neighborhood…

There is no argument. This is by far the greatest video ever made. It was a movie within a music video. I love zombie movies. Any kind of zombie movie. Tree zombies, zombies at a prom, zombies at a mall, even zombies on a effin’ plane. You can never go wrong with a movie about zombies. It’s one horror movie genre that will never stay dead (end pun). I was about 4 years old when the video came out. I am sure when it did, I didn’t watch it. I probably had no idea who this Michael Jackson character was. Somewhere down the line, I laid my eyes on the video. Holy Duck F**k! I was terrified. I can recall the images that would fill my mind. It would really only happened when I would stare out the window at the street below. I would start seeing the zombies shuffling across the street. I’m frozen. I get the feeling they know I am there. Eventually, they would turn their heads and head towards the house. Not the greatest feeling you want when you’re 10 (or how ever old I was…).


2. Friday The 13th

I do not know which one it was. I just remember waking up on night and flipped the TV on. Sure enough, this was the movie that was playing. Jason was hacking away at a door. Again, no idea how old I was. But being new to the horror icons of 1980’s, this scene had me under the covers in no time. If I was to rate the top three icons in order of how scary there are, it’ll probably go a little something like this…

  • Jason Voorhees
  • Michael Myers
  • Freddy Kruger

Honestly, anyone with an axe heading my way would send me running for the covers.

3. Pet Sematary

Poor Gage. He got run over by a truck. That was shocking. But that wasn’t the crap that scared me. Not even the bed ridden sister (never walk again! never walk again!). She is nothing compared to the zombie-like college boy,  walking around with half his head missing. His image was always in my head. The movie itself is scary. Hell, it’s Stephen King. But just the site of the dead kid gave me the willies.




4. Twilight Zone: The Movie

The series is great. I remember watching them with my mom. I can go on and list all the episodes I love but that’ll take way too long. Besides, this isn’t about the show. It’s about the movie. Excluding the crap in the middle, the first opening scene and the last story are the scariest parts of the movie. I was horrified with the opening scene. I recall a time when I was younger and I was hanging at a friend’s house. Anyway, his mother was taking me back home. We were sitting in the car, waiting to leave. He sat in the front and I sat in the back. The whole time I was sitting there, I was waiting for what happened to Albert Brooks to happen to me. It never did but the mind of child is filled with an imagination it cannot control. The clip is below. I fast forwarded the video to the part that had me covering my eyes.


5. Troll

It’s a troll. The start of the movie, has a little girl playing with a bouncy ball. It gets away from her and tumbles down some stairs. Basements are never good in any scary movie. Basements equal dark places which equals, you’re gonna die. After seeing this movie or the portion I saw of it, going downstairs was anything but pleasant. I knew that if I went down there, I was going to be attacked. I knew that there was some creepy, midget creature living downstairs. It set up shop in the landing. You know how many times I would run up and down the stairs if the light wasn’t working. I couldn’t take a chance of letting them get to me.

6. Poltergeist II

I know. The first one is the scariest of the bunch. I still think the movie is creepy. The second one is what put images in my head that I really didn’t want in there in the first place.  The first one is still a classic. It’s on my list of all time favorite horror movies. You have the guy ripping his face off, the clown, and the pool scene. Everything screams, “we’re gonna scare the eff out of you.” But there was one scene in the sequel that always got me scared to take a look in the mirror. I have looked in vain for a movie clip of the scene but I cannot find one. It is right before Robbie is attacked by his braces. We see something in the mirror. It’s been ages since I have seen the movie. It’ll be hard for me to explain what it is or anything about it. I know for certain that whatever was in that mirror, freaked me out enough that I feared what was inside the mirror or what would be there if I looked away for one second. I should really take a moment of my day this week to rewatch this movie. It isn’t the greatest (beats part III) but if it was something that put a little fear into my life, I at least owe it something.


7. The Hogan Family

There was an episode of The Hogan Family” “Valerie’s Family”, titled ‘Nightmare on Oak Street’ that I found to be scary as hell. It is the only episode I remember. The episode was about the boys and their mother watching a scary zombie movie. The boys act as if they are tough and aren’t scared of the movie. During the night, they each have a nightmare. Mark dreams about his brain being eaten by a zombie. It makes him stupid. The second dream was had by Willie. This is the part of the show that scared me. I found it a few months back on youtube and was ecstatic to see someone posted it. I watched it. You know what? It wasn’t that scary. Watch it below. (video was removed).

There you have it, folks. Six bits of cinema that scared the s**t out of me. Now that I am older, the above scenes aren’t as scary as I first imagined. I still have the imagination of a child. My mind will wander after I watch a scary movie. I don’t have the same fear of movies I did when I was younger but there are times that I’ll check the backseat or second guess myself if I hear a noise when I am all alone.

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  • amber

    Alf always scared me. I was the youngest in the family for a very long time so I got teased the most. That's why I'm scared of everything…

  • I agree. Troll did creep me out. More than the others. Did you know the uncle of a kid down the street was killed in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie (Mark Patton: