It’s Messy In Here

There is a little bit of a mess going around on my site right now. I knew this was going to happen. I just ignored it and hoped that maybe it would just fix itself. I was with Josthost. Yeah, they suck. After having some lots of issues I switched hosting companies a while ago. I never did fully switch things over correctly. Some links will not work (they are linking over to the old domain of The same issue is affecting the graphics, audio, and other media items.

I am slowly working my way through each post. I am correcting spelling errors and tagging. Basically, I am giving my site a nice make over that has been long over do. I am sorry if you click on something and it takes you to a dead page like this when it should take you to a page like this. Hopefully I will have it all fixed and tidy by the end of next week. I have vacation coming up and I’d like to be lazy again. Thank for visiting my site and I will have it all spiffy in no time. Till then, read my latest blog about the Evil Elder Mormons.

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I like food. I like the smell of cinnamon.

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