Explain these to me.

People say dreams have deep meanings. I know some do and I know some just mean nothing. Why not you be the judge and let me know if these might mean anything. Take a stab.

Dream 1: The Pancakes (Sorry. I had just woken up. I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget this dream)

Dream 2: The Car Ride

My sister, Erin and I are reviewing movies using Sprite cans. One of the movies we are reviewing stars, Robert DeNiro and he’s chasing himself. There is some software for reviewers to enter in all kinds of information, such as, actors, production company, producers. It’s kind of like IMDB. Then there is a car following me. It looks pretty beat up. Ben Affleck is in the car with two kids. He looks fat. I start yelling at him about auditions for Hollywood Land. Okay, so now we are at church and I am walking in, smoking. My oldest brother is yelling at me about changing it to, Santa Monica. Now I am in a car with my sister and my brother. I am lying under some blankets. I get a text from someone named, Snowy. There are from the area code, 416. I asked my sister where 416 is from and she says, “it’s one above me.” Now I see Samuel L. Jackson rehearsing for Snakes On A Plane. It cuts to a new scene. Then to a new one with some military people. Some gal is leaving but a guy stops her. Erin speaks up saying he died in some movie, (forgot what movie she said) But the guy was looking at a shooting star and died. Someone called Target. They are all, “We’re by Hy-vee. No, wait! We’re over here!” So I decide to run and meet up with these Target people. I was really, running fast. I am then at this road and it is covered in grilled cheese sandwiches, lined up all nice like on the side f the road. I grab and eat two of them I see a lake of twigs in front of me I run over those and now I am in front of Blockbuster Video. Then I scream, “Eff me! I forgot my car” I am looking around for someone that knows me. I see this guy behind the counter, but what was odd is like in my head (real head, not dream me) I am trying to think of where I know him) We say hello to each other. I see Xbox systems laying about. I never make it home.

Dream 3: LeVar Burton (this is all I wrote down. I have no idea what it really means)

Levar Burton is bartender. Land in area. I hide
in garage. Jump in old car start without keys act like I did. Big hill.
Tanks army baseball hail. I hide under cement.

Dream 4: Work
At store buying smokes. Try to sell to old classmates. Sam and Greg My sister buys them from me. I put on fishbowl shoes. Made
of glass.

At store buying running shorts with sister. A scrabble hat is in a big
sink. Guy asks me a question. I tell him ” just mad cause Quincy Adams
isn’t listed. ” guy agrees.

At work trying to talk to grind that came in. Keep helping customers.
Lady orders BBQ pork, augs, idk what else. Manager calls me over.  Gal at work
brings lots of BBQ brisket.  I make a joke.  Brittany or maybe joanna tell me they arent going on catering.
Matt there.  idk why but an old grade school classmate is. Sitting with guy. ANC kid. Mike missing
thumb.  Works at crab pier. Phil worked at car dealership. Called queen. Other
kid there not sure who. Talked about Phil. I keep picturing Andrew and I was
thinking about a yahoo message I got from him. Howie?

At work. Sock is ripped in back. I notice in cooker. I worry
if customers noticed. I see a male customer (tall kid, slim, glasses,
mustache). A guy customer yells at him, “you’re a girl doing a mans
job!”. I am wearing a wife beater cause my chef coat is over by
shoulder. Ringing up salad. It’s weighed but I don’t have code to ring
up. I call ext. 135 but takes a few tries. I call him but someone else
is on it too. I tell him to wait while I use another phone (one phone
looks like thermometer).  he hangs up. I wave him over, ask for code but
says not to worry.  Just give it to her for free. She appears to be a
regular by way they said hello. I am voiding it. Reg tape gets jacked
up. She says shell be in July 4th weekend. Reg tape has a wanted pic of
George wright but photo is of a girl.

Dream 5: Monster

Grandpa top of head cut off. House blows up.

Alien invasion. Wooden bridge- people die horribly. Tossed around.
Try to stop. Turn key, powerful wind turbine starts and chops them up.

Monster created bit by bit. Guy killed. And killer attaches guys bones
to his body make stronger.

Dream 6: Abortion

High profile people kidnapped.They are tortured for what they do or supported. Become dolls. Man does abortion. Pulled through shards of woods with wires.

I felt like sharing these.

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