Carlos Is Back

After months of silence, I have an eerie feeling that the Ghost of Carlos is back. I really thought I was done with him. I made a pact with the devil. The new neighbors came to my rescue. All those things should have saved me from the ongoing torment I get from Carlos. But he is back. He’s returned once more to make my life hell.  I don’t really know if ghost take vacations. If they do, then eff them. They at least do something I don’t. The other day while I was watching television, my phone went crazy. I was getting notifications from an application I use. The app is called, iCam. It is a security camera that will alert me when there is motion. While this could be a very good thing, it can also be something very scary. There have been stories about people catching criminals lurking about their house with this application and many like it.

I use it. I enjoy the application. I did catch the maintenance man in my house once. Nothing to be alarmed about, unless he didn’t some unthinkable acts off camera. To the story at hand. I was watching television and the phone alarmed me of movement in the bedroom. I checked my phone. It told me I had movement detected. Normal? Not really. The thing is, the webcam was off. There was no way it could have caught anything. Why would the application alert me when there is no movement and more eerie, that the webcam was off at that time.

I ignored it and went back to the show. Again, it goes off. WTF? This happened about four more times before I went into the room to investigate. I walked in the room and I swear to God, I called out, “hello? anyone here?” No surprise here. No one answered. I checked my computer to see if something was up. I looked at the photos of past captures. Nothing was there. Just random pictures of me walking by.

I walked out, shaking my head in disbelief. Maybe it was just a fluke. The program on the computer or on my phone could just be on the fritz. Sitting back down, I started up my show again. Again, the phone goes off. There is movement. The hairs on my arm stood up. I yelled out, “stop it!” My prayers were answered. The notifications stopped. I was receiving no more. I quickly jumped to Twitter and Facebook telling the world about my run in with Carlos again. I tell them, “Carlos is back!”

For those that do not know, Carlos is the man who lives below me. I have been in this place for over a year and never once seen him. I have never seen his kids and I have never seen his wife. I can only assume that he is not a man but a ghost. Carlos is a ghost that haunts my building. He was having an affair with Claudia before she was murdered by her husband. Eventually, she became a ghost (of sorts) and haunted Carlos. He investigated her apartment. There, he found her dead body. Claudia is a zombie. She lives in my walls and Carlos is a ghost that haunts my building. He travels in all four apartments. I have yet to see him. I don’t want to. I don’t know much Spanish. Well, I know a few words but only one phrase. And really, I don’t think a ghost could assist me when I ask them, “Where is the food?”

I was still on edge from the whole webcam ordeal. I did my normal routine before bed. I checked the door. Locked. I shut off the lights. I closed every door in the apartment. I went to bed and slept….

The next morning, I crawled out of bed and made my way to the door. I opened it and in doing so, I saw another sign from Carlos. He was letting me know he was there and has no intention on leaving. It wasn’t blood dripping from the walls or a lamp floating in the air. The door to my office was open. The light in the kitchen was on. The bathroom door was closed but opening it, I see that he also felt the need to turn on the light in there as well.

You can try to disprove this. You can try to say that I might have forgotten to turn off the lights. But I didn’t. I don’t sleep with any lights on. I turn them all off. I have to. It’s routine. I don’t break those. The webcam incident, I could have brushed off as just a malfunction with my computer and phone but the lights being in proves that I am not alone in my home. I am being tormented by a vengeful ghost who died at the hands of a zombie.

Today has been quiet. There hasn’t been any strange happenings. I haven’t heard Claudia in a while either. I know she is still around. While I enjoy the silence from her, I often wonder what will come when she returns. What will I have to endure when the dead zombie wife makes a comeback to strike fear back in to my life? Will she find pity in me? Will she opt out of harassing me and go straight for Carlos?

Summer is approaching and the heat is going to get intense. I don’t turn the air on much. I am part Jewish when it comes to wasting money on things like heat and air conditioning. With the air off, Claudia will not be happy. She is going to get angry and who knows, she might finally crawl her way out of the wall to finally attack me for real. I am not talking about attacking me in dreams, I am talking about a real attack. Her decomposing body will arise from her hibernation and with her claws, she will burrow her way of out her plaster cocoon to drive her teeth into my flesh. She will devour me, satisfying her need for human blood.

I might have to move the webcam out into the living room to capture the moment she emerges. I want the world to see that this tale I tell is not some made of story I have in my head. I am telling the honest truth. I am warning people about the impending doom I face. While Claudia is a burden I deal with very seldom now, I have more issues with Carlos. The Ghost of Carlos has taken refuge back in my home. Why has he returned? What could be possibly want? But whenever there is Carlos, there is bound to be Claudia.



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  • y2kemo

    Dude. Your house is haunted! I'm guessing you should probably take Carol Ann and get the h-e-double hockey sticks outta there!