The Bank Robbers

Two men walked into a bank and pulled guns on the unsuspecting customers. The people panicked and tossed their belongings over to the thieves as they demanded people’s wallets, watches, and purses. The security guard was no match. He was only one person and the two bank robbers were much larger than him. He would have lost the fight if he tried anything. A brave bank teller leaned over and sounded the alarm. The thieves heard sirens blaring in the distance and made a break for it before the place became infested with police and camera crews.

The two robbers jumped in the waiting getaway car and them, along with the driver, fled the city to hide out in the mountains of their quiet, Colorado town. The thieves drove down a path that led to an empty field that was once filled with people during the memorable gold rush. “Park here.” one of the robbers said. They feared they might have been followed so they pushed the car behind some bushes and covered it up. The man walked away from their car and headed to find a place to hide out for a while.

An hour or so later the police arrived on foot in the hills of the old, forgotten ghost town. It wasn’t empty entirely. Some people still lived there. Really, only one person did. It was an old man who still was determined to strike it rich with gold. It’s his home and it’s his lifestyle. He’s struck it rich once and is determined to do it again. The police knocked on his door but there was no answer. They wondered if maybe the criminals were inside and hiding out. With guns raised, they knocked again.

“Can I help you?” The old prospector said. The voice came from the north. They spotted an old man panning for gold just by the riverbed. “Afternoon, sir. Can we ask you some questions?” The old man looked at them then back at his pan. It was empty. He still had no luck. “Dagnabbit! Every time!” He threw the pan across the dirt and gave the police officers his full attention, “So what I help you boys with?” He asked.

The police handed him a picture of the thieves. “Have you see these men, sir? They are suspects in a local robbery.” The old prospector looked at the photo and scratched his head. “Sorry, boys. I haven’t seen anyone for a while.” The police obviously upset tried again to get the old prospector to give them any information.

“Do you see anything? Maybe a car drive by. Anything you saw or might have heard will help us out tremendously.” The police waited and watched as the man paused and once again told them he is of no help.

“Sorry, officers. I didn’t see anything. I was too busy mining my own business.”

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