Who Else Is Turning On Your Xbox One

I woke up one morning and noticed my xbox was on. I first thought that maybe I forgot to turn it off and left it at that. Later that evening, I noticed again my xbox was on. WTF? Why does my xbox keep turning on? It wasn’t until this morning that I finally figured out why it kept turning on.

Remember when the ad for the xbox one came out with Aaron Paul? He says, “xbox, on!” and consoles all over the globe began turning on during the short commercial. If you missed it, check it the video here. (just be aware your xbox may turn on) Now there is another “ahem” person making your xbox turn on without your voice.

I decided to record it. Now, I will let you know that I had to change the time on the laptop just for the purpose of showing you an example of how my Apple Macbook is turning on my xbox.





Macbook guy announces it’s 5 o’clock and the xbox turns on.

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