Why I Hate Will Smith

If all the world got along, I think it would be a pretty boring place. While fighting and going to war isn’t something I encourage, I’ll just rather watch manly men fight it out Jon Woo style than hug each other tightly like they are in some romantically, obscure Nicholas Sparks’ novel – Not that there is anything wrong with that. The world isn’t full of gay cowboys. This isn’t The Notebook. The world is a shitty place with everyone fending for themselves. It sucks to say that. It sucks that we’ll never all get along. Well, we will but I think that is when the Anti-Christ shows up and world peace follows. That puts a damper on the global request for everyone to love thy neighbor. If getting world peace and everyone being nice to each other starts the Apocalypse, I think war and violence is better than the end of all humanity.

You can’t like everyone. You can pretend that your happy and loving of all God’s children but deep down inside, there is someone you just don’t like. Maybe there is no reason. Maybe there are multiple reasons. Whatever the case may be, you hate someone (or if hate is too strong of word, then you strongly dislike the person). I can strongly dislike someone cause they are a hypochondriac or maybe cause they are lazy and just stupid. I can strongly dislike someone for a simpler and petty reason simply for the sheer reasoning of, “just cause”. Maybe that is a better answer than actually venting and spewing hateful words from your mouth because this person you strongly dislike cries over the must mundane things.  I rather not tarnish my reputation of being an upstanding guy and not formally admit who I strong dislike.

Certain actors come along that do what they do best. They act. Some are extraordinary at it and others aren’t. These people we adore on the small screen and the big screen may have been trained at New York. Maybe they were born with the natural talent of being charismatic on-screen and having the ability to play any role. They capture our hearts and we eagerly await their next big motion picture. Once the movie fades to black, these people we love are just that, people. They make insane amounts of money to entertain us. I don’t make that amount of money and I like to think that I am entertaining.

That shit is punny. But my horrible puns don’t get the attention they deserve because I am not famous. What bothers me is how some people who are famous became famous. Some actors snuck into the limelight and for some reason, one I don’t know and will never know, exploded on-screen and a mass of people find them to be entertaining. I was going to speak ill of many actors I dislike but I think I will stick to one. Will Smith. I just don’t like this man. There is no real reason why. I assume he is a nice person. He is a nutjob cause he’s all about Scientology and his kids are a few instagrams photos away from being committed. But those two reasons aren’t why I dislike this actor. I honestly just don’t think he is a good actor.

after-earth-movie-poster-2013-1010755074A guy at work asked if why I don’t like Will Smith? Again. There is no rhyme or reason to why I dislike this man so much. It is simply, “just cause”. Did I watch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Yes. Did I watch it religiously and enough to quote or reminisce about past episodes? No. I have seen a handful. I remember the kitchen burning down and one where Carlton got a gun cause Will got held up at an ATM. Aside from those two, no other episodes stand out in my mind. Is the show even playing elsewhere on tv? It is on TBS or some other network? Is it like The Office or Friends and they play them constantly? Not trying to find it to watch it. Just curious if it is. I just didn’t find the show amusing. I can go as far as saying, I would have got more chuckles from Friends than I would have if I watched it. If you know and have read other posts I have on here, you will know I have a strong hatred for Friends as well.

Will Smith can make decent movies. I love Independence Day. It is one of my favorite movies. I like it cause it is about aliens, the destruction of the world, and we can’t forget the epic speech from Bill Pullman. It just pulls at your heart. But Will Smith and his quips about cheesy one liners compare nowhere to the speech from one of the best movie presidents.

Speech from ID4

No where in my list of things about the movie mention Will Smith. He wasn’t the reason why I saw the movie and not the reason why I like the movie. But, Kirk. Will Smith is so awesome! He doesn’t make bad movies. He’s so talented. He can do no wrong.

I have heard that too. You honestly think that he can do no wrong? He made Hitch. That movie had a double reckoning when they put Kevin James in it as well. Two craptastic actors trying to make a movie that would appeal to the masses. If I really want to rain on your parade and let you question your loyalty to Will Smith, let me mention one little movie that truly showcases his failed attempt at gaining me as a fan. I am speaking about, I am Legend. Sure, vampires. Sure it is about a post-apocalyptic world. But whoever decided on letting him survive the extinction messed up. They let the wrong person live. I cared more about the dog than I did about Will Smith and that says a lot because, yes, I am not a pet person. What about After Earth? Didn’t see it but it tanked. Looks like your kid is following in your footsteps in becoming a terrible actor. I am looking at you Jaden.

I just don’t get his popularity. I am not a fan of his clean style music. I much rather listen to Kid Bop CD’s than blare his music and hB8A6EEFEhope to get jiggy with it after a short listen. I want to switch the station when his songs come on. I know you hate his music too. Nod your head if you agree. I promise it’ll stay between just the two of us. Maybe I am getting older. Maybe I am losing touch with what is hip and cool now a days. I have no kids but surely, if I did and were a parent, I wouldn’t understand.

I feel that his blog post didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to. I’ll just blame it on Will Smith. With him on the brain while writing this, his whole state of being leaked out and became a part of this entry. It still notes that I am not a fan and have no desire to change my mind about him.

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I said earlier that there are more actors I dislike. I would devote an entry towards them each but I don’t think they’ll work. Who else do I strongly dislike? Jonah Hill and Ryan Reynolds are two. The listed isn’t long but it is extensive. Are you a fan of Will Smith? Do you disagree with me or do you see him as nothing more than a brown stain on the mattress? Let me know. I’d love to hear what you think of him. Come to his defense. Come to my defense.


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