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I want to tell you a story. This is a story about a tiny forum that became something entirely else. I have discussed  the forum before and discussed the website as well. (here and here) The original website was a place for me to post a movie titled, Shoo Doggie Shoo. To those that were part of Sims Online Stratics, you know the story about that. I created a forum to post some other of my work online. It was just a place to share my writings and other works. I added in some forums and let it go. It started to become an alternative to ‘’.  A group of us (the lemmings) become like a family and since this ‘war’ had broken out, we took it to the extreme and did just that. We made it a war.

I cannot tell you how much I laughed because of that site. I loved every minute of it. The site took a nasty hit one day when I accidentally deleted all the forums. It was a sad day. A little over 30,000 posts were gone. That was 30,000 voices wiped away. We shrugged it off. I was still upset. We all were. We still managed to whip of 60,000 posts. This was a small forum. It was our corner of the internet. It grew and grew and after some time, I was even a little scared as to how I would control it. When it first started, it was just a few people. More came and when they did, I had to do something from keeping them away from posts they shouldn’t see.

I created a hidden forum. It was for us to talk about those we hate and those we love. We also discussed our next move and how we would fight the system. We trolled people, set up proxies to avoid bans. Eventually, the group we created broke into two fractions. It became an, us vs. us. We were fighting among ourselves and were breaking apart. These troubling times set in motion the downfall of pit.calm. We still managed to join forces and attack stratics. After each battle, we would come back to .calm and fight each other. We would do anything to each other to just piss the other person off. It was sad to see it come to this. It was sad to see the forums become this ugly place that was never meant to be just that.  I spoke to an old friend last night and she put the whole experience we had during .calm nicely.

ugh it was so good… I mean it’s the type of thing that can only happen in a flash of time… and we lived that flash but it as sooooo good.

no…it was like being around for an eclipse… you just had to be in the moment.  I almost forgot how good trolling was… until a week ago (name removed) quoted me in something old and i remembered…


Perfect. There were some great threads on the forum. One in particular is (here)Even though the site became tainted at the end and things weren’t perfect anymore, I still loved every minute the site gave me. It was back in 2008 when I closed the doors to .calm. The site was shut down and we all moved on with our lives. Shutting the site down pissed off a lot of people. Click the link and read it.


I did say I was not going to save the database file but I did. I saved everything back then. When you run a forum and need to bring another one to the ground, you need ammo. You need everything you can get yours hands on to put them in their place. The database sat idle on my computer for years. I did nothing with it. I ran my other site, for a while. Since I still had the database file and the phpbb install and my disposal, I gave it a shot to see if it would work. It did. It loaded up but with some errors. I had to tinker with it some to get the thing active once more. The site is now live. I took away all posting privileges. The site ran its course and there doesn’t need to be anymore adding to it. I have a new forum set up. It’s hidden. I don’t want people. signing up just yet. I planned on having it bridge with my blog but it’s been giving me lots of headaches. I removed that feature from my blog. If people are wanting to sign up for the site, they will need to sign up via the link here. Do I want the site to become another .calm? Depends. I would like to see a large amount of people sign up for it and stay active. I just don’t want it to become another .calm in the sense of being a place to act like we’re immature teenagers. Who knows if a certainobese Brit is lurking about. The forum is open to all…for now. I will be doing that later. It will be open to only registered members of the site. There are a few forums hidden from guests. Some are only for registered people. If you were an original member of .calm, I hope you enjoy this. I am glad it’s back for your viewing. Enjoy it. Sooner or later, the forum will be hidden.










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  • Jackiee

    It had to end.  It was like a mini society.   A social experiment.  I will join pit.calm the new one… b/c I love this and you and everything… you’ve always been one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met…. but it won’t be what it was…. I don’t know what it will be… but I know what it was and you did the right thing at the right time… it would’ve died uglier if you didn’t kill it. 

    • Anonymous

      You can only handle so many vagina pictures before you turn gay. Just ask Tyler.

      • Jackiee

        I’m pretty sure if I was a dude and I looked at those vagina pics… i would not want to visit one.  ever.