Gay Marriage & Everything That Is Wrong With It

Everyone has their own opinion about gay marriage and whether or not it should be openly accepted and finally ruled as a legal and wedding ringsbinding marriage. There is no pleasing everyone and if I was to bet, there will never be an agreeable decision. It won’t matter which way the votes go, someone is going to be very upset over the ruling. I have my views about gay marriage and I know you have yours. You can climb the highest mountain and preach about same sex marriage. You can call it immoral or you can say it is perfectly fine and should be accepted and looked at no differently than when a man and a woman wed. Let me step up to my soap box and speak my mind. Lend me your ears. What is wrong with gay marriage? Let me explain to you about gay marriage and everything that is wrong with it.











Nothing is wrong with it.

end. of. story.

red equal

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