Joke: A Terrorist Birthday Party

This is a joke I thought up at 2:49am on March 19th. I woke up and quickly wrote it down. Cause it was funny at 2am and it is still funny at 9pm. Trust me. My jokes are awesome.

A young girl was eagerly awaiting her fifth birthday. She spent all month reminding her mother and father about the day and would shake her finger at them, telling them to, don’t forget my birthday! They weren’t going to. She is the only child and she is their pride and joy. They will do whatever they can to please to her. The father was planing a huge party with cake, clowns, games, and a pony. This will be her best birthday ever.

As the days passed, the dad was getting a little nervous about some of the party planning. The clown was okay. He was going to show and he even promised to do something extra special for the birthday girl. That was fine. He wasn’t worried about that. His wife was baking the cake and that was another thing to not worry about. The invitations were all sent out. All the kids that were invited did reply and are planning on showing up. The dad thought and thought about it. He wondered what he was forgetting. The checklist was fine. Everything was in order and he was going to be sure that this will be the best birthday party ever.

The day finally arrived. The little birthday girl was excited as ever. She screamed in excitement when she saw the cake. She screamed even louder when she spotted the pony outside. The presents covered the table. Her friends were all outside sitting at the table, anxiously awaiting the birthday girl. The parents smiled at her and she smiled back. The mother nodded to her daughter that it is okay to go outside and see her friends. The mom will bring the cake out shortly and when after they sing her Happy Birthday, the cake can be cut then the games can start.

The dad then realized what he missed. He was so caught up in everything he forgot about one, very important decoration. His wife was confused and wasn’t really sure why he was acting all crazy. He told his wife and she too started to panic and told her husband to call for  some friends. This is not just a one man job. They’ll need all the help they can get. He called his friends and they all rushed over. They huddled around him and asked, “What do you need help with? We’ll do anything!” The father opened a door and pointed inside to a large, cardboard box. It took some time but they finished. It was a team effort. With the help of nine of his friends, the dad blew up the balloons.


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