The Coven Moves In Town

I have lived in the complex for over a year now. I came here hoping for some sense of security. I was hoping that everything would be okay. Soon after I moved in, I was met with some serious issues. The apartment I live in has some dark history. I wasn’t told about it from the landlords. I did my own research and sleuthing to discover these secrets. I have told the story many times about the Dead Zombie Wife living in my walls. She has been dormant for a while now. That is a plus for me. I don’t know if I would be able to take her evil ways much longer. With Claudia, then came the Ghost of Carlos. Another spirit that resides in what I thought would be a safe and happy environment. Do you see what I am getting at? How can a person possibly live in a place full of ghosts and zombies? Turns out, these two lost souls are not the only things that go bump in the night. Now, I have to deal with a witch.

Don’t question that. I am correct and not lying when I say there is a effin’ witch now living just a few houses down from me. The witch entered my life a little over a year ago. I kept my distance from her. I tried not to be involved with her life or get sucked into whatever witchcraft she tinkers with on her off days. That didn’t last long. I was kidnapped and forced to partake in seances and be tormented by her and her wicked friends. With the witch forcing tainted beverages down my throat, I had to sit through a conversation with her friend. That was god awful. Her friend is as interesting as watching moss grow on a stone. Her friend resembled a mouse and quite frankly, was probably a mouse once. I am sure the witch used her magic to create a friend. She is quite a powerful witch. Maybe I was unaware of how powerful she was at the time. I was under a spell that masked the wickedness and the treachery she bestowed on anyone that came close.  Her spells work. Her spells have worked wonders for her, even when fighting off Nazis.


While I was oblivious to what power she has, I kept doing what I do and tried my best to keep my distance from the sage-smelling Wiccan. My guard was down and that led to what started the powerful curse that affected my life for the worse. With the summer months moving in, the area is swarming with butterflies. The witch used what she learned from Charmed or watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and drained the helpless insect of its’ blood. That was the beginning of the curse. I was cursed. She put a spell on me and made my life take a drastic turn for the worse. With the blood of a virgin butterfly and a single hair of mine, she bounded me to live a life full of drama, pain, and suffering. Never be friends with a witch. Nothing good comes of it.

After the witch was let go from my company, she vowed vengeance on us all. She swore she could get revenge and makes us suffer just like she did. Flash forward many months. The witch kept quiet. We were free from her curses, her spells, and her foul body odor – cause we all know witches are all natural. I received a text one day from a friend at work. 

Guess who lives here now?


The witch.

Sad PandaI was diffidently a sad panda when that news broke. I should mention that the witch not only speaks in wiccan talk but talks like an internet forum full of prepubescent boys. I shouldn’t talk that way about her. I should be nice to her. No telling what evil lurks around the corner. Then again, I did throw her under the bus. It would have been a house but her sister already had that happen to her. Now I have a witch living in my neighborhood. Can things get any worse? Believe me, they do. In just the short time she’s been living over here, some strange things have taken place. The witch already knows I live over here. She’s been in my apartment. Probably not the wisest decision in my life. Who knows what trinket she left behind. Who knows what spell she placed over my head while I was not listening to her. I couldn’t tell if she was mumbling to herself or speaking some strange, diabolical incantation that would plague me till the day I die. I am not the only one being watched over by her. She has many of us she spies on with her crystal ball.

I began to notice that my ashtray outside was missing cigarette butts. It made we wonder where the hell those things began to disappear to. It’s the witch. She is stealing them. Why would she steal nasty cigarette butts? I will tell you. She is building a voodoo doll out of them. She has stolen quite a bit and I am sure she has enough to create a life-size replica of me. I hope she is just planning on placing curses on me and use it as a voodoo doll. It’s sickening to think about what other creepy and dare I say, sexual fantasies she would use the life-sized cigarette voodoo to role play with. Life did make a change. I have yet to experience any strange occurrences since the depleting stock of cigarette butts. Don’t try to say that I am thinking too much into this. I know what she is capable of. You don’t know. Believe you me, when the time is right, the witch will strike down upon  me with vengeance and furious anger.

I said already that I am not the only one who is susceptible to her wrath. Two other people I know and who the witch knows, have encountered a horde of creepy, eight-legged crawlers. These spiders have been appearing all over. I have seen them in my home. The are crawling on my front door and making webs just over my steps. The other two folks have faced the same issue. Is it just a coincidence that we all spotted spiders by our front doors the same day or is this the beginning of what the witch has planned? If her venomous ways won’t kill us, then the bites from these spiders will. 

The witch is pretty sneaky with what she does. She does leave her apartment but normally not in human form. Again, this is all just pure speculation. Our complex doesn’t allow pets. Since the witch moved her coven over here, I and many others have seen a lone black cat running around the complex. Whose cat is this? Does anyone own it? Or, is it the witch in disguise, knowing this is the best way to go unnoticed and spy on us? She assume we’ll just see a cat but really, it’s her. It’s her getting the scoop and the information she needs to plan her next attack. We have caught this cat sitting in front of our apartments. It doesn’t do anything. It just sits there and watches us. The eyes glow red and almost feel as if they are piercing our souls. I know now that the witch’s powers have grown tremendously since we last encountered her. 

My friend and I were enjoying an evening drinking and hanging with neighbors. While we joked about work and such, the witch chimed in and said she had listened to everything we’ve said. She heard everything! We did mention her a few times but only to discuss the issues we’ve been having and were discussing how and when we would rid us and everyone else of her and her evil ways.

“If you’re gonna talk about me, don’t do it outside my window.”

Oh, snap! The witch heard us! We can’t do anything now. We can’t go on with our plan to cleanse our complex. She knows it all. She will put a stop to it. The next day, she put her plans into action. She started what will turn into the craziest war between witches and mankind since the Salem Witch Trials. The next morning my friend found a dead bird outside her front door. There it was, sitting motionless right in front of the door. It is clearing a warning. The bird is dead. It can no longer fly. For us, it means we cannot fly either. We cannot escape her and are now stuck here till we suffer the same fate of this bird.

I was happy to just deal with the zombie and the ghost. I don’t know if I can handle a witch now. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. What tricks and curses she has up her sleeve will be far more devastating than anything Claudia and Carlos could ever come up with. If I ever stop posting on this blog, then that means the witch got me. Her giant, sex toy voodoo doll is complete. You’ve been warned. Fear the witch. Fear the Karma.


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