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My brother is the one who told me about this site. Bitstrips is a fantastic site to play around with. If you’re a fan of comic strips and always felt like you can make your own, then I highly suggest checking out this site to get your juices flowing. When I first got to the site, I tinkered with it. I learned a little of it, doing what I could to learn the in’s and the out’s of the mechanics. I would post comics with jokes. After a while, I decided to create a strip based on a zombie named, Frank. While I enjoyed making them, there isn’t much you can do with a zombie. The jokes run out and I am stuck with using the same routine over and over.

At some point, I felt like it would be fun to create strips based on people I work with. Maybe not the wisest thing but it is fun. I make one and post it on my facebook account. The comics aren’t great, they aren’t amazing compared to some of the people on the site. But for me, the joke is all that matters. To the reader who doesn’t know me or the people I work with, they will never fully understand the joke.

Earlier this week, I removed all the comics from view. They are still there but no one can see them. Since I feel my website is more important than there, I want to move each comic to my blog. I want to drive traffic to my site. I want to have the viewers of the strips click back and hopefully read my other entries on my blog. I know I don’t post much but there is plenty to read on here. I am planning on moving the comics over to this site and in doing so, I will still keep them hidden. I will only allow access to them to people who sign up on my site. As of now, that has not been implemented. It will be before I ever post a comic on here.


I want to move the strips forward, create a story and not just a quick joke then move on and wait till something happens at work to get my to create another strip. Believe me. I work with an interesting bunch of people. I will never run out of material.

I hope this is clear to everyone who does read the strips. They are still alive and will still continue. I won’t stop them. Call it a stress reliever. Call it a way to express and show my creativity. Whatever you want, I will make more. The cast of characters will grow. I will create more settings, longer strips, etc…

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for the strips.

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