A Christmas Poem

I stood in line

and waited forever

to meet the man

who had all the answers.

The line zipped left

and the line zipped right

The line was idle

all through the night.

But I stood tall

and budged but a speck

to glance around the people

for a quick little check.

He’s still there

I shouted with glee

He must know I’m here

He waiting for me.

With my chest puffed out

I strutted with pride

I spread out my feet

about 6 inches wide.

Before I knew it

I was next to go

I walked down a path

all covered in snow.

There was Santa

alone in his chair

he laughed and he motion

for me to get near.

I sat on his knee

and pulled out my list

the words were all smudged

from the sweat from my fist.

A tear in my eye

and a tug at my gut

He asked what I wanted

But I didn’t know what.

“Take your time”

Santa said with a smile.

“I’ll do what I can

but this might take a while.”

I shut my eyes tight

to try and recall

all that i wanted

the big and the small.

I want a bike and a bean bag

and a robot with wings.

I want a fighting ninja turtle

and a playground with swings.

I want one…no two!

no three, make it five!

Army action figures,

with lasers for eyes!

A sled for those days

when it snows really hard

and a football to toss

when it’s nice in the yard.

CD’s and movies,

and games for the Wii.

something for the wall,

like a flat screen TV.

maybe a puppy or a

cat or a snake.

and a toy that gets loud

the harder you shake.

board games and play-doh

and a jack in the box

and get my little brother

a stupid pet rock.

Santa was quiet

as he pondered my demands

Then he turned to me and smiled,

and held me by my hands.

“Why ask for things

that you don’t need

Why all these demands

and why all this greed

Give to those who need so very much more

the sad and the lonely

the meek and the poor.”

I looked at him

all puzzled and lost.

For what can I offer

and what is the cost.

The presents they want

can’t fit under a tree,

It’s a gift we all have,

in you and in me.

Not wrapped in paper

and not tied with a bow,

not beneath a tree,

with the luminous glow.

It’s from in there

as he points to my heart.

I know just where you should go,

I know just where to start.”

Go down the road

till you reach the dead end.

The place is on your right,

you’re welcome to go in.

The man you’re looking for

won’t be there per se

He’s with you in spirit

and all night and all day.

Take to your knees,

and bow your head low,

and pray for those people

with pain and sorrow.

I knelt there is silence,

with sadness in my heart,

with so many to pray for,

not knowing where to start.

I want them to have

shoes to cover their feet,

to keep them warm,

from the icy, cold streets.

a blanket to snuggle under,

and a coat to keep warm,

and a roof to shelter them,

during those fierce thunderstorms.

Food in their stomachs,

and money in their pocket.

A time to relax

with some peace and some quiet.

When Christmas come,

I don’t want the toys,

I don’t want the robots

that makes tons of noise.

I don’t want the puppies

or the cats or the snakes,

I want to give the needy,

a tight, warm embrace.

We should all feel thankful

to have what we got,

but should share with the lonely,

the ones who have not.

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