Christmas Music

Being Christmas, I feel it’s only appropriate to doing something about it. I am graced with the opportunity to listen to Christmas music all day at work. I do find it strange that we play this music. It’s not just us. It’s everywhere. For being a country that is so afraid of upsetting anyone, we go around and wish people “Happy Holidays”. You can’t say “Merry Christmas”. It’s not right. You don’t want to upset anyone with another belief. But it’s okay to blare music about Santa and Jesus throughout the stores these people shop at. I’ve had a few people wish me a Merry Christmas and I have had others with me Happy Holidays. Either way, it doesn’t bother me. Maybe because I am Catholic and celebrate the season. It’s hard to say how I would react if I wasn’t. Would I get upset if I were Jewish and people wished me a Merry Christmas? I can’t say. But it just doesn’t seem kosher.

I don’t like the music playing the day after I cram a turkey down my throat. I like listening to it the night of Christmas Eve. There is something about driving around that night and listening to the holiday songs. Toss in some snow and the magic of the holiday is perfect. Apart from my rant, I like to share with everyone a few Christmas songs I love and do enjoy during the holiday. I did skip over the more rock and roll style songs. They are fun to listen to but to really feel the spirit of Christmas, these are 5 songs that do it.

1. O Holy Night


2. Little Drummer Boy


3. Happy Christmas (War is Over)


4. Silent Night


5. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel


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