Got bored.I awoke today in a place I’ve never been. It’s silly to say that since it’s pitch black in here and I can’t see anything. I wander around this room, spreading my hands out in hopes that I will touch something. Still, nothing. I begin to panic. I am in this dark room alone. No one else is in here with me. There is nothing in the room with me, nothing to grab on to. Nothing to make me feel somewhat safe. I don’t even know how large this room is. How vast is this dark and empty place? Why is no one here with me? I could scream and shout and hope that someone will hear my calls. Someone has to hear me in here. I can’t be the only one in here. But what if I am? What if my calls go unheard? It’s silly of me to even try to call out for help. I am stuck in this room. “But what if”…I say to myself. This room has walls and a floor. There must be a ceiling too. There has to be a door in here somewhere. It is up to me to find that door. That’ll be the way out of this dark and empty place. I walk around. It was only a few minutes but it felt like days. A small glimmer of hope. It was my moment of happiness. I found a wall. I dragged my hand down the wall, walking slowly to feel for a door.

The room stretched on and on. It was never-ending. It was getting to me. I was feeling like this is my new home, that as much as I want to find that door and find the outside, I won’t. I just slowed my pace and with each step I took, my hand started to trickle off the wall. My head hung down and defeat filled every inch of me. In a fit of rage, the last bit of energy in me, I smack the wall. Ouch. I just hit something. That’s too small for a doorknob. What is it? I can’t see. Why is it so dark in here? I felt the protruding object and it feels like a light switch. Well, hell that’s better than a door. With light in the room, I can find a door and get out of this dark and empty place. I swung my hand at the switch and watched as the room did nothing. I flipped the switch again. Still dark. Still empty. Up and down and up and down. I did this for hours, hoping that it will work. But it doesn’t. Nothing works. This place is dark and lonely. There is no way out of here. I mean, there has to be. I’m in here. I got in here or I was put in here. That means there has to be a way out. I will have to get back on my feet and search. But it’s hard to get back up. It’s hard to keep looking for a way out when you have tried everything and nothing works. Everything and everyone you know is outside this dark and empty room, taking the light for granted. There is no sense trying. I might as well just sit here, back against the wall and hope that one day some light will shine in this dark and empty place.

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