Project 101

I mentioned my project before but to those that didn’t see it or forgot, I will explain it once more. I started this site with the idea of posting my thoughts about all kinds of food. I tend to move away from that subject and post random thoughts, old stories or poems that I wrote and sometimes, I let my sister add in her two cents. The new year began a little boring to me. I like to partake in the activity of drinking alcoholic beverages. It’s what I like. Being the end of the aughts’ and the start of the tens, I needed to ring it in my style. Sadly, my plans fell through. I sat at home and surfed the web. I did treat myself to a few beers. But it just didnt’ seem very fun. I did get to watch Argentina ring in the new year. I stepped outside shortly after the stroke of midnight and watched neighbors set off fireworks. I lied in bed, trying to sleep but ideas just raced through my head. I thought of a few stories I would like to start writing. A big light bulb went off and I was in heaven. It was a huge project I was about to take on. I thought, “why not log everything I eat and drink this entire year?” Everything, from the smallest taste of gravy to a 3 course meal. I wanted it all logged. And so, I began.

I keep my phone on me at all times. If I eat something, I quickly write it down. Before I head to bed, I jump on my computer and enter in everything. We are 17 days in to 2010 and I haven’t forgot once. Will I be able to make it a whole year? Maybe not. But I need to keep at it. It isn’t to watch what I eat. I am not watching my weight. Hell, I will probably never need to watch my weight. It’s just a fun little project I am doing.

As the weeks go on, I think about how else can I improve this? Maybe graphs. I do plan on posting the stats after each month. I thought of maybe putting down what I paid. But that will be hard. Then again, I don’t go out to many different places. It that is the case, then the money I spend could also be something interesting. I already calculated the money I spend yearly on Starbuckscoffee. I have about 10 coffee’s a week. Each coffee cost me, $2.15 (tax included). So far, I have spent $21.50 on coffee. This is really a rough estimate on coffee. I might only get 8 one week but I am pretty bad on at least getting 1 a day. I will splurge on get another on the way out the door sometimes. Ten just sounded like a reasonable number. So we have 52 weeks in a year. Grand total I spend on my Starbucks Coffee:


Ouch. That sucks. It makes you think twice about grabbing that extra cup, doesn’t it? The money project is one idea. I also am thinking of making this some sort of book. I am slacking on doing notes on each meal. Well, not each meal. I figured if the meal has a story or something to why I get it, I can write about it. It’s still only the first month. Here’s hoping that I can still think back to day one and see what I got. I am sure I can remember the reasoning I got the particular meal.

Make sure you come back on February 1st to see the findings for the first month of 2010. I really hope I can keep this up. It’s pretty fun. I take photos too! Some of my meals need photos.

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