A Short Story – The Other Me: Part II

Here is part two to my short story. Again, ignore all grammar errors. I hate editing.

Pit’s mother laid on the couch, waiting for Pit to return home. It was usually three or four hours till Pit came home. She laid there watching television waiting for Pit to come home, when a knock came to the door. “Come in.” she said.

Two officers walked in the house, along with Sargent Kent. “Ma’am is your son home? We like to ask him a few questions?” Kent asked Mrs. Weston.

“No, no he isn’t. He left about an hour ago. What is that all about? Did Pit do something?” she asked Kent.

He smiled. “No, no.” He pulled a chair close to the couch. “We just need to ask him a few questions about a murder.”

“Oh my god! He didn’t do anything, did he?” She gasped. The idea of her son being a murderer was not on her mind. “My son is not a killer, he is a good boy”

“I understand miss. But a student at your son’s school was found dead. Also a woman was dead. We are not sure if these murders are linked, but it was said that your son was the last person to be seen with Dewey Weiss, the young boy found dead.”

Just as Sargent Kent finished, Pit walked in from the outside. He saw the cops interviewing his mother. Pit was scared. He figured they found out it was him and was here to take him away. “Son, can we ask you a few questions? It involves a very serious crime.” Kent sat up from the chair and walked over to Pit. “Pit, just tell them what you told his mother.” The voice said to Pit.

“Sure go ahead. What do you need to know?” Pit asked Sargent Kent. He began to sweat and his heart rate increased. “I didn’t kill him.” Pit was afraid and said what came to his mind. Pit thought about it and knew what he said was not right  “Pit! How dumb can you be? That is the most stupid thing to say. This is going to make you the keen suspect. You failed.” The voice told Pit. Pit understood. The mission could be over now, all due to four little words.

“I don’t think you did son. I just want to know what happen to Dewey after school?” Kent asked Pit. Kent was aware of what Pit said. He was now on the list as the one and only suspect.

“Well after school we went to the store up the road. We got in a fight about a girl. He walked out of the store and walked home. That is the last I saw of him.” Pit’s heart rate slowed down.

“Well thank you son. What was the fight over?” Kent wanted more details. What Pit told him wasn’t enough. He wanted Pit to go into more details. “Tell me about this girl.”

Back at the Stone’s house, Mrs. Stone was downstairs calling for David. “David! Let’s go. It’s time for your doctors appointment.” She called out twice and received no answer. “David, don’t make me come up there!” saying this, she made her way up the stairs, without giving David anymore chances.  “David, why aren’t you answering me?” she opened the door and saw the mess. “Oh my god! David!” she screamed at the top of her lungs and made her way down the stairs. She remembered seeing the police force outside her house. She ran outside then called out to a nearby officer. “Help me! My son is dead upstairs!” An officer saw her panicking and ran over to her.

“Ma’am are you alright? What are you saying?” he tried to calm her down, buy had no hope. “Please calm down. What are you saying?”

She wiped her face cleaned. “My son is dead! Some kid killed him.” She began to cry again and fell into the officers’ arms.

“A kid? Did you get his name? What was his name?” He tried to get any information from her, but nothing still. “What is the name of the kid that killed your son?” the officer tried one more time to get an answer.

“His name was…Steve! It was Steve Beker!” she said with relief. The horror was almost over. “Find him, he killed my only son!”

“Okay. I’ll check out the place. I’ll call up my superior and we’ll check out the name of Beker.” The officer made his way in the house and walked up to the room where David was killed.

“Who is the girl?” asked Kent. His radioed buzzed twice, till he answered it. “Kent here. What do you need?” he asked.

“Sir, it is Officer Kenny. We found another one. Oddly enough, it is the house right next to the Weiss’ house.”

“Did you get a name or a description on the killer?” asked Kent. Kent was getting closer. With a name, the spree will be over and he will have solved the crime.

“Well the lady said it was a male. His name was a Stephen Beker. I will check it out when I am finished talking to you. This is our big break.” Officer Kenny said.

Kent radioed out and continued on with the questioning of Pit. “Well kid, it seems someone else was killed. Can I ask you where you went just now?”

Pit had nothing to say. “Help me.” He thought to himself. His voice come forward but didn’t care much to help. “Sorry Pit, your own your own. This is your call. Don’t fuck it up as you did with telling that kid your name.”

“Well son, where were you?” Kent waited for Pit to answer him. Pit thought up the first lie he could. “I went to the movies.”

“Which one?” Kent asked him. Kent was on a lead with this.

Scream. What does me telling you the movie I went to help you out at all?” Pit asked Kent.

“When was it at? What theater did you go to?” Kent was getting angry. “Listen kid, I don’t think you killed your friend. I am just asking you if you know what could have happen to him. I want this to be over just as much as you do.” Kent continued. “You think about the girl and what happen before Dewey left and you get back with me.”  Kent left the house and got in to the police car.

“I want two patrol cars around this neighborhood. If anyone sees his car leave, let me know. I want this kid followed. For some reason, I just don’t trust him very much.” Kent closed the door and they drove off, back to the Jackson Lane, this time to check out the Stone’s house.

“Pit, what was that all about? You didn’t do anything to get yourself in trouble, did you?” Pit’s mom might be a bit weak, but when it comes to her son, nothing else matters.

“No mom, I am totally shocked why they wanted to talked to me. I am even more shocked that my best friend is dead and they say I killed him!” Pit quickly made up some fake tears and ran in to his room. “Where were you? I almost got caught?” Pit yelled at the voice in his head.

“Next time, you will listen to me. There is someone you need to get rid of.”

“Who?” Pit asked.

The voice continued. “Kill Sargent Kent. He’s getting to close. We cannot allow him to stop our mission. If he does, people will die.” The voice said.

Back in the patrol car, they received a call over the radio. “Kent come in over.” The voice said. It was a bit garbled, but he could make it out.

“Kent here. What is it?”

“Sir we looked for the name, but no one matching the name Steve Beker comes up. We believe that the name is fake.” Officer John Kenny said.

“Hold on John, we will be there in just a bit. We are at the top of the road.” Kent tuned the radio out and made his way down the street to the Stone’s house. The crowd of people was still there. Kent got out of the car and made his way to the door. John Kenny met him half way. “It’s a mess sir. The kid is completely shot up.” Officer Kenny said.

Pit sat in his room. With the police coming over, he would figure they would surely suspect him. “They know it is me. What should I do? When they talk to Mrs. Stone, she will tell them my name and all is over.” Pit broke down in tears. All his hard work was for nothing. It was ended with a simple mistake.

“Get a hold of yourself kid. When they talk to her, they’ll go looking for a Steve Beker, not a Pit Weston. Your safe.” The voice said to him.

“But they will soon realize it is me. I mean Dewey is dead and I knew him. Know a kid right next door is dead. The woman I killed lives just a few miles from my house. You add it all up, the finger points to me.” Pit was not convinced. He still believed they would find him and kill him.

“Then lay low for a while. This should go over when on one is found. Then go about and start the mission again.” It was the first time the voice actually thought of stopping the mission. “I cannot afford you getting caught. If you are, it will be the end of both of us.” The voice would constantly remained Pit that it will be the end of both, if he is caught.

“Mrs. Stone?” asked Kent.

“Yes?” she stood by the door, a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. After each drag, she took a drink. It was sort of her way to get rid of the nasty smoke smell. “You need to help me. Some kid killed my son.” She was shaking, and couldn’t stop. The beer splashed on the floor, after each shake, the cup got less and less in it.

Kent took the beer from her. “Miss, we will find out who did this. We just need your help. If you tell us what the kid looked liked, it could help us in many ways.” Kent waited for her to describe the young man.

“I…I…don’t know. He was wearing a cap and wearing a coat. I couldn’t see much of his face.”

She was no help at all. “Can we look in your sons room? Maybe something was left by the killer.” She took a puff from her cigarette and led the officers up the stairs to David’s room.

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