Don’t Make Life All About Cereal

I was appalled when someone tried to tell me I was lazy. Me! I’m far from lazy. The guy that yelled this blasphemous lie was out to get me. He wanted me fired. He said I spent more time yanking my chicken and spanking the monkey than actually doing real work. It’s okay. Yell at me all you want for being lazy (which I am not).

If you ever wanna be like me, you will need to know how to manage your time. You will need to multitask. Make a plan for the day. Know that the day will be bumpy and things will never go as planned. You will need to get yourself prepped for what will throw that wrench in your plans. Always manage your time. There are plenty of things to do than just waste time on something so minute. Don’t spend days on a single project. You have lots to do. Don’t make life all about cereal.

There you go. Words to live by,

“Don’t make life all about cereal.”

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I like food. I like the smell of cinnamon.

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  • jerry

    basically you stole the term spanking the monkey from my list of top used phrases

    • Sorry, Jerry.

      But I am a pro at spanking the monkey. I have  class coming up on the 29th if you’re willing to come and learn. It’s only a 12 dollar fee.

  • Nameless Co Worker

    Not lazy. Just a critical, gossiper, that writes discriminative blogs about other people. You probably shouldn’t give specifics on instances where there have been witnesses or it can be proven whom you are discriminating against(though you try to remain nameless) and your site will be shut down. Just a warning. Figured you were smart enough to know that, apparently not. Probably all the drinking.

    • Nameless Co Worker,
      I am happy you don’t think I am lazy. It’s sad to think people see my that way. Am I a gossiper? Sure. Never said I wasn’t. Aren’t we all? Haven’t we all said something about someone at one point in our lives? I bet we have, you included. No matter. Why do I make the comics? For a cheap and quick laugh. Most of the comics are a, “you had to be there” kind of thing. Inside jokes. If you were offended by any of them, I am sorry.* 

      I will probably make more comics in the future. They will be a stretch about an incident at work and will work nicely with a blog I plan on writing. 

      So, you’re a co-worker!? Awesome. Say ‘hi’ next time we see each other in the aisle! While the comics are loosely based on actual events, I assure you that they are products of my own imagination. I have no answer as to why I make them. I guess I could blame it on something. It is all that drinking. Been meaning to attend those meetings but I am not one for confrontation.

      But this reply can be blamed on my drinking. It’s always drinking. It’s a problem. It’s also a solution. 

      *due to legal reasons, the apology had to inserted into this reply.

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