Why I Won’t Help Those Less Fortunate

I like to blog about things that happen in my life. It’s what I do. This is a random encounter I had and made me question the people on the road begging for money. I like to think of myself as a good person. I really want to help people. I may come across as an asshole and such but I really am a nice guy, even if I am easily confused. While that has no relation to this story, I wanted to throw that out there. That bitch can die. You never and I mean never ask someone if they are medically or mentally disabled in anyway. It just isn’t right and quite frankly, it’s an invasion of privacy. Again, that side note has nothing to do with the story at hand. I just wanted to throw it out there cause that lady pissed me off and I don’t care if a bus ran her over, killing her and disposing this world of a terrible and heartless bitch. After saying I am good person, I go off and say that. Meh. To the story…

The story here is about helping people. We all want to help people. We want to help those in need. But do we really know if they are in need? Are they really struggling with money and need to get back on their feet? I am sure there are those who are but when you are subjected to people who use you for easy money, you begin to question if every person you see on the side of the highway is really someone who needs real help.

I was heading home the other day. I pulled into a gas station to grab a 12 pack of beer. Homeless_ManWhile I walked into the station, a man stopped me. He looked dirty. He had on a red shirt and was carrying a backpack. He says hello. I reply. He tells me he hasn’t eaten for days and was looking for anything I can offer him so he can have a nice meal.

Sure. Okay. I am a nice guy. I can’t have someone go hungry. I tell him I have some money in the car. I did. I had maybe 6 bucks in the car. Enough to buy a sandwich and maybe a coke. I grab the cash and hand it to him. He thanks me and says, “God bless.” That was a good deed. Had to get some points in with God. I know I have a bunch of red marks on my “get into Heaven” sheet so any deed that is good, I better jump at the opportunity to do so.

I walked into the store and make a right. That’s where the beer is. What shall I get tonight to quench my thirst? Good ole, Bud Light. Yes, it’s “shitty beer” but I like it so you can all jump off a bridge for questioning my taste in alcoholic beverages. Anyway…I make my way to the counter. The man from outside is walking in, counting the money I handed to him. As I pay for my beer, he walked right to the counter. No food. No coke. Nothing in his hand. The man didn’t even make eye contact with me because he knew that I spotted him in his lies to swindle money from a person who tried to do the right thing and help those who are struggling.

Yeah…I’ll take a pack of camel turkish gold.”

Are you f**king kidding me!? Cigarettes? That’s what you needed so badly? You lied to me. You are the reason people don’t help out the homeless or anyone down on their luck. I was angry. I’m not mad anymore about it but as I left the gas station, I shook my head and said ‘never again’. Never again will I help someone out. I remember the last time I did, I almost got kidnapped and murdered by a man who tried to lure me into his car. People like this spoil it for others. That is a bad way to put it but it really is true. There are people who really do need help. Sure, some of them will not ask and others do. No one likes asking for handouts. No one wants to stand on the side of the highway begging for money. It has to be the lowest point in your life. People treat them like garbage and find them to be less of person.

If you are down on your luck and really need the money for food, buy food. Don’t take money from someone claiming you need food then spend it on crap you don’t need. A cigarette isn’t going to fill your tummy up with well-needed nutrients.  A bottle of jack isn’t going to feed you either. I know this isn’t a rare occurrence. I know this sort of thing happens all the time but what bothered me the most was he didn’t have the decency to wait for me to leave then buy the smokes. At least let me believe that I helped out someone who was needing money for food. Knowing what I know, I wonder if I got a red mark or a gold star from God with my “good deed”.

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