They’re Back…

It has been a while since I have seen or heard from Claudia. The Lazy Laundriers had moved out. Maybe they were run out by her. They did pack everything up and high tail it out of here pretty quickly. When they new neighbors moved in next door, I was excited. I like to think of them like a gift from God. At first, I was worried. It was storming the day they moved in. That was an omen I thought of bad things to come. The evil weaseled its’ way in secretly. But things change. They were good people. They are good people. I retracted my statement about them being evil and welcomed them with open arms. I was going to be okay. Things were going to get better. I wasn’t going to be bothered by Claudia anymore.

Those days of tormenting were over. The vengeful zombie that lived inside my walls, much like a dead parrot, it has ceased to exist. I saw many signs that the reign of terror from Claudia was over. There hasn’t been any issues with the laundry room. It is like the Garden of Eden. The scratching noises had quieted down and the Ghost of Carlos followed the light and moved on to a better place.  Then one day, I was sure things were about to get ugly once again. Shortly after their arrival, a repair car was parked out front by our apartment. The side of the car read, “Hart’s Auto Repair”. Being a man who takes many happenings as signs, this was at the time a gut wrenching thing to spy with my little eye. Was one of their hearts in need of some TLC? Had Claudia resurfaced and is now trying to scare them off? Did she know they were here to protect me? If she did get them to leave, I would be alone again. I would be forced to fend for myself. Luckily, the car omen was nothing. I was safe. I had nothing to worry about. These are good people. They helped put an end to Claudia. I was free. To quote the Smurfs,

Goodness makes the badness go away.

Goodness makes you happy everyday.

Badness cannot start,

If there’s goodness in your heart.

Goodness makes the badness go away.

But all good things do come to an end. The last couple of days have made me rethink everything. I know that Claudia isn’t a spirit. I know she cannot be exorcised from my abode. She is a zombie. Unlike demons and ghosts, you cannot cleanse your house from a dead zombie living in your walls. There is only one way to kill a zombie. You need to shoot it in the head. I have one problem. I don’t own a gun. So killing her is out of the question. She is back. The only question is, how? Actually, there are two questions. How and why? Did my pact with the Devil end and now he is coming to collect?

Claudia had been dormant for a few months. She wasn’t scratching at the walls and wasn’t haunting my dreams. Within the last few days, the noises have started again. I have been seeing images too. You know the apparitions and whatnot’s you see out of the corner of your eye? They have been popping up all over my apartment. Could I have disrupted Claudia’s hibernation? I like to switch my living arrangements around every six months. I was overdue. I moved my apartment around. Since the switch, these dark blotches and shadowy images started up. At first, I thought maybe it was a spider scurrying across the wall. I’d look and nothing would be there. I’ll have a glance around my room to see if there is anything there. I never see it. I never see anything. Even the quick glances over my shoulder help reassure me that I am alone. At least, I hope I am. But I am not. Mulder knows. We are not alone. She is back. She has awaken from her crypt and is pissed.

Poltergeist II

It’s started out small. You know, the images and the tiny knocks. It’s not the house settling. It settled a long time ago. Her reappearing has also stirred up Carlos. The ghost of Carlos is more active than ever before. The creepy children that live with him, giggle and laugh. It’s not the cute, newborn baby laugh. It’s the creepy, movie ghost children laugh. A day or two ago, I was sitting at my computer. I had no music playing. The house was (un)dead silent. As I browsed Al Gore’s invention, the Ghost of Carlos began to pound on the ceiling. I jolted in my chair. I sat there, still and alert. Maybe it was just him putting together a piece of cheap Wal-Mart furniture. Maybe he was building a coffin to house Claudia. It’s unclear. But the fact of matter is, the pounding continued. He pounded and pounded. I know my music can be loud at times but this time I was quiet as mouse. I literally wasn’t making nor eating a peep. Why on God’s green Earth would he be pounding on the ceiling? Again, it goes back to the beginning of it all. He is warning me. He knows that Claudia is awake. He knows that she is pissed and will now torture me during this season of love and happiness. I must heed his warnings. I cannot just sit here and twiddle my thumbs while this undead creature burrows her way out to finally finish me off.

The dreams are back. She is sneaking her way back into my life. Maybe she isn’t making herself seen in person but in the dream world, she is queen. Last night, I had a dream.

I was sitting in my car. I was on my way to work. I glanced at my apartment. My neighbor was peeking out the window. He waved and I waved back. I glanced at my living room window and saw a face pressed against it. Someone was in my house. It can’t be. I live alone. I crawled out of driver’s window like Bo and Luke and raced to my front door. I went to put my key in the lock but the door just opened. I was inside and was spinning around. I screamed, “hello? Who’s in here!?” No one answered. I went to investigate every room. I checked the bathroom. Nothing. I edged my way over to the shower curtain. I gripped it but was hesitating drawing it back. I remembered the last time I did that. I wasn’t about to go through that again.

I spied in the kitchen. Nothing. The dryer was going. I was hearing, thud…thud…thud… coming from inside the dryer. I walked slowly to the door. I didn’t want to be loud. I wasn’t worried about growing attention to myself and let whatever or whoever is that room know I am coming. The top of my fridge is stacked with empty rum bottles. Whenever I walk across the floor in the morning, the bottles clank together. I usually worry that I’ll wake my neighbors up with the noise. I walk to the door. Even the tiniest and quietest steps, still rattle the bottles. I look inside and open the dryer. There is a pair of shoes in the dryer, just tumbling away.

I walk to my bedroom. I open the door and even though it’s dark in the room, I can see perfectly fine. I see the covers on my bed moving up and down, like someone is hiding beneath them. I stand by the bed and yank the covers back. There is a puddle of blood and long, gray hair mixed in it. I spin around to run away and that’s when I bump into Claudia. She screams and grabs my arm. I try to get away but I can’t.  I soon began to tell myself this is dream and I need to wake up. I need to wake up and everything will be okay. Claudia is pulling me into the living room. I could see the wall and the giant hole in it. I glance at the DVR and see the clock is reading, 5:10am. I freak out cause I am late for work. I yell out, “Oh, [censored]! I am late for work!”

Then, I woke up. I glanced at my phone and it read, 5:11am. This is the start of it all. Everything is happening all over again. She is getting more active and with the dream last night, it is just a matter of time before the real dead zombie wife comes out of the wall and takes me away. I was safe for four months. I was free from the clutches of this dead zombie wife living in my walls. She was gone! I really thought she was. I was sure of it. I regret moving my apartment around now. The noise and the new set up stirred up something evil. There could be more to why she is being more active. It is getting colder out and I am using the heat more. Maybe the heat woke her up. Maybe it’s making her a little restless. All these factors are playing a big part in the return of Claudia. With her being active, now Carlos is getting active. With all these spirits and zombies returning, I just have to wonder if the new neighbors can handle it. Will they leave once things become troublesome? Can they help ward off these two pests that are once again making my life a living hell. I am strong. I lived through this before. I can surely do this again. But there is no telling how angry they are this time around. This could be the time they triumph and take me away to whatever hell they come from. I should let my neighbors in on the history of this place. They have the right to know. They need to know that evil just doesn’t lurk in the heart of man. It is also lurking in the walls of our apartment. Again, if anything happens to me, let the police know that a dead zombie wife came out of the walls and has taken me away.

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