The Mormon Occult

Note from Author: I want to make something clear about this story I am about to tell. It touches heavily on the Mormon religion and God. These stories about the Dead Zombie Wife all the way to the Mormon Cult is fiction. I stretch the truth and elaborate on much of what is mentioned. Don’t take this stuff to heart. There are no evil Mormons trying to steal my soul. There is no zombie in my wall and the man below me isn’t a ghost with creepy ghosts children. It’s all for fun. Let me explain it all quickly. I heard a scratch on the wall one night and that scratch created Claudia or as I call her, The Dead Zombie Wife. I can tell you that some of the things below and the previous stories did actually happen. I just added a little flair to it to make it a little more interesting. Again. The Elders that visit me are not sent by Satan to claim my soul. The part about me praying, that is true. I swear.

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They’re Back…

It has been a while since I have seen or heard from Claudia. The Lazy Laundriers had moved out. Maybe they were run out by her. They did pack everything up and high tail it out of here pretty quickly. When they new neighbors moved in next door, I was excited. I like to think of them like a gift from God. At first, I was worried. It was storming the day they moved in. That was an omen I thought of bad things to come. The evil weaseled its’ way in secretly. But things change. They were good people. They are good people. I retracted my statement about them being evil and welcomed them with open arms. I was going to be okay. Things were going to get better. I wasn’t going to be bothered by Claudia anymore.

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A Ghost Story

Ghost & ManI have mentioned Carlos many times. He is the man who lives below me. I have yet to ever meet him. I don’t ever plan on it either. It’s not that I hate this man, I just find his stubbornness annoying as hell. I am appalled that he doesn’t like my taste in music. He’s always pounding on the ceiling. That’s usually a message to, “turn that crap off.” So I do. I respect the people who live around me. I might not be very fond of Needle Nancy, Tramp Stamp, and the Lazy Laundriers. They are a strange bunch. Even the dead zombie wife, Claudia doesn’t give me that much grief. But Carlos, well let me tell you about him.

I am beginning to think this man is not real. Okay. I mean he was real. He just isn’t anymore. I think Carlos is dead…

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