An Open Letter To The People Who Drive On 152 Highway

I feel I need to address an issue that needs to come to light. I feel that what I will discuss may upset some people but I am okay with that. Words hurt. Sometimes it’s important to lash out and finally express yourself about what is eating you up inside. So, if you are a driver on 152 highway or if you have ever driven on said highway, this letter is to you. I should note something. While I too am a driver on this stretch of highway in the state of Misery, I am not included in anything I mention below. Thank you.

To the people who drive on 152 highway,

Learn to drive. That sums up this open letter. I can express my true feelings in a lengthy and if I may say, snarky and sarcastic letter, but using just those three words sums up my feelings and the other drivers feelings as well. We all took the same exam when we wanted our license. We all passed it and we all read the book. I also know that after we passed the exam and after we read that book, all those rules of the road we learned about went away. We no longer stop at stop signs. We drive over the posted speed limit and we make illegal turns because it’s easier and saves us time when driving.

I just want someone to explain themselves to me. I want someone who drives on this stretch of highway to open up and tell me and the other safe drivers why you must drive like an Asian woman or a teenage girl hopped up on red bull or five hour energy? What gives you the right to speed around me when the posted speed limit is clearly marked as 60 mph and not just a suggested speed. You weave in and out of traffic to do what exactly? To get in front of me!? You accomplish nothing by speeding up just to get around me and other drivers. Maybe to you it does but I really feel getting to work ten seconds faster isn’t going to make or break your career. Your careless driving angers me. I like to be happy when driving. I like to be full of happy thoughts while I jam to teenage angst bands on my way to work. You on the other hand drive down this highway like you’re the only one on it. Slow the eff down, please. Don’t drive like a bat out of hell and for the love of God, use your damn turn signal. I cannot foresee what lane you will be merging into.


Aside from how much of a lead foot and how bad you are at not using the proper turn single, I also want to point out about the yellow lights, the red lights, and the green lights. We all know what they mean and we all ignore it. SInce I am already on my soap box and pretending as if I am a safe driver and follow the rules of the road, I will continue to berate you about the meaning of the lights and what each color represents. When a light is green, it is okay to drive through it. You have the right to. I should warn safe drivers that while the light may be green, they should still watch out for unsafe drivers like some people. They need to be sure that you and others don’t break the rules of the red light and speed through the light just to get to wherever you’re heading. A yellow light means to slow down and approach the intersection  with caution. The light is on its way to becoming red. Depending on where you are at when the light turns from green to yellow, ( 100 feet or less) you can go through it. It’s a tough call about it but people like you take the yellow light not as a cautionary object but as a challenge that you freely accept. Lots of people on 152 have taken this challenge and believe me, I have seen my fair share of fender benders, totaled cars, and traffic that is rerouted because of a-holes like you, thinking that they beat the yellow light challenge when they are about 300 feet away. I am not even going to explain what the red like means because if you don’t know what is means, then I will have Tommy come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer because you are a re**rd.

You guys speed. You also race through yellow and red lights. You don’t use your turn single when you are legally obligated to do so. There are many rules of the road that you don’t follow. If I was going to complain about one thing that really pushes my to the edge and sends my imagination running rampant about ways to dispose of your dead body, I will complain about how awful your driving skills are in general. You may be the best driver and not speed or run red lights but in my book, you’re a shitty ass driver with no common sense and not a glimmer of hope will ever be in your future. Sorry for being so blunt about your terrible driving skills. I know I have my faults. I have had my share of speeding tickets but I will defend myself and explain that each of those tickets were unnecessary and I had places, (important places) to be and to have them take their time to write me tickets, made me late to what were very important dates.

gridlockMy last complaint is directed to the folks who are heading home during rush hour traffic. I am going to partially blame you for the congested and big effin’ mess that people call 152. You all have to agree with me on that. Maybe you don’t agree with me about how craptastic you are when it comes to driving but when it came down to constructing this highway, those people forgot to remove their heads from their asses and construct a safer, wider, and less of a mess highway. They also are to blame for the headache I endure when trying to head home from work after a long day of listening to a penguin talk about its ultra-hysterical brother. I just want to arrive home safe and sound. We all do. No one wishes to get into an accident. I never did and after that I refuse to eat subway but like I mentioned already, that is a story for another day. Instead of going home without any worries, I have to worry about you people. I have to worry about if you’ll speed around me because me going to posted speed limit of 65 is too slow for you. I have to take in effect that chance that you’ll disregard the safety of using your turn single and worry that you’ll merge freely about, not caring about the other cars around you. I have too much to worry about. I don’t want to add the stress of how shitty 152 highway in Liberty, Missouri was built to the list of already troubling thoughts. I have but two favors to solve all my worries. One, everyone get off the f**king highway when I am driving on it and secondly, will someone with the proper know how fix the damn highway.

Thank you,

a safe driver


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