Happy Cinco De Mayo

May5thI hope everyone had a fulfilling day. I hope you drank enough Corona that you forgot where you parked. Be sure to eat up those tacos and all the other authentic Mexican meals cause tomorrow is just another day in May. Not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, Cinco De Mayo is the day Mexican forces defeated the french in 1862 in the battle of  Puebla. The French were defeated and after we said, ‘au revoir” to them, we quickly destroyed the meaning of Cinco De Mayo and turned it into another reason to get sloshed, like Saint Patty’s Day – which I really don’t know the origins behind why we celebrate it. Thank you, Mexico. America tips its Canadian hat to you.

I spoke to my friend today about his plans to celebrate the holiday him and his people cherish. I was shocked to find out he was working.  He has a lot to learn about our culture and if I have time, I’ll give him a quick lesson in the English language. From rereading the text below, I question his devotion to Cinco De Mayo and to Sparklemotion.

Cinco De Mayo

This may be a tad offensive.

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