Notepad: App Review

The iPhone has hundreds of thousands of applications available for download. You can do just about anything with it. There is really only one application that stands above the rest. That app is the notepad. The application is not available through the app store. It is a free app that is already preloaded on the phone. How amazing is that!? Apple was kind enough to give this application to every buyer of the iPhone. It’s a universal app too. It is found on the the iPod Touch and Apple’s newest toy, the iPad.

Working the app is easy as one click. Tap on the yellow legal pad icon and poof! It’s open and ready for writing/editing. You can flip the iPhone sideways and use it in landscape. It’s a nice feature for those that like to write lengthy notes. As for as I know, there is no limit of length as for how long the note can be. When you’re finished with the note, simply click the “done” icon at the upper right hand corner of the screen.  From here you can email the note, check out a previous note or a note that proceeds it, or delete that note.  Each note is automatically titled from the first few words within said note. When viewing the list of all notes, sliding your finger across a note, you can delete it quickly. You can also check back to all created notes by clicking the “notes” icon in the upper left to return to a list of all created notes.

The notes are dated and time stamped as to when you created it. If you edit the note at anytime, it will update itself to the date you edited it. A great application for any person to have. It’s quick and easy to jot down a quick note for just about anything. Maybe it’s a phone number, a grocery list, a reminder to yourself, or just a thought you had.


It’s free

Syncs with Microsoft Outlook

Copy and Paste works perfectly

Still Free

Search Function


Only one color note

Can’t change font or font size

Coming from someone who uses this app everyday, I say get it! It’s a great bargain. It’s useful for so many purposes.

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