Flash Mob

I am going to share something personal with you. I enjoy writing and have been writing for years. I can remember writing a story titled, Zombietown in third grade. I still have the story and still look at it every so often. That is the earliest documented story I have. It’s probably the moment I knew that I wanted to write. While I am not a famous writer or published, I still write. I have shared a few stories with you on here. I hope that you’ve read them or if not all of them, read at least one of them. My blog is all about me. I share a lot of information about my life. I am pretty open about it all. I am now going to share with you my newest challenge I am putting myself up against. It is all about writing. I said I wanted to write more this year and I will. I write everyday at work.

This is where the idea started. This is where I had this crazy idea of writing an epic story that I can sell. The story was just going to be that. A simple story with nothing else to it. I would write a story at work and only at work. At home, I would work on another story. Both are good. What can make it better? Why not combine the two. Why not blend these two stories into one. I can do that. But two is weak. Make it better and write about four. So I plan on four. I want to make these stories be sort of like Pulp Fiction. Each story will be a story all its own. It will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It will function without their other three stories. While you read story one, you will get a few parts of story two, three, and four. It won’t be a full detailed account of the next story but as you read, say story one, you’ll be introduced to characters and plots from the other three stories.

My goal to this project is to offer these stories as iBooks. I want to sell them online and have people purchase them. The hook will be getting all four to get the whole story behind each book. Reading the story by itself will be fine but if you read all four, you will get information about each one and will fully understand the reasoning behind each event. There are four stories to read. While four is a good number and not getting myself carried away, I am debating about doing a fifth. It will be an epilogue to the whole thing and give you a final ending, closure if you will to each story. That’s an idea and will probably not happen. Still, an idea. Here are the four stores I am writing currently.

Flash Mob:

The story is about two people in love. Ryan and Laura. Laura has escaped from a previous relationship with Craig. He was abusive, physically and emotionally. After two years of it, she finally gets enough courage to run away. She does and heads far away to start a new life. She takes a new name and erases all the memories from her past. The only person she still keeps in contact with is her mom. Ryan and Laura (he knows her as Pam) have went on a few dates and the few dates were enough for him to fall in love. He wants to propose but not in the old fashion way. He decides to create a flash mob. He heads to the internet for help and unknowingly, gets help from Craig.

The Mortuary: 

Jeff is the local mortician in the town. He is liked by all and knows everyone. Life for him has been turned upside down when the bodies of a few children have wound up on his medical slab. The police fear a killer is on the loose and is taking the lives of the innocent. The police have no clues but Jeff knows. Jeff has a secret. He’s the reason the kids are winding up dead. He’s been doing this for sometime. It’s only a matter of time before he’s caught.

Weekend Lockdown:

The high school is strict. It keeps students in line and doesn’t allow any horseplay. Weekend detention is new to the school when a new principal takes over. His rules last only so long before a rebellious student is fed up with what he sees as a communistic rule and takes the school hostage, killing those who defend the principal and others alike. With no contact to the outside, it’s up to the lone janitor to save the day.

The Top:

Barry is the low man on the totem pole. He knows that he’ll never amount to anything. He’ll never be taken seriously. Being with the company for so many years, they see him as nothing more than just an employee. He’s a punching bag. He’s applied more than anyone for any job that could advance his career. Still, they do nothing. He wants more but they just don’t give it to him. Until one day when he’s out getting coffee for him and others, he meets a man. The man works for another company that can get him to the top. He likes Barry the moment he met him. Barry is offered an interview. Barry’s interview goes great. He gets the job and the world is his. His new boss only has one favor. They need a sacrifice.

These are the stories I am working on. While they aren’t all being written as we speak, I am working on two of them. While these two, I am dropping information about the other two in them. As said earlier, each story will work as a story on its own but to get more of the story, you will need to read the others. These stories are all happening at one time. When these stories are completed, I will let you know. I will be sure to get them edited, corrected, and be sure they all flow nicely. Once that is done, look for them online. I will be selling them via amazon or any other service that will allow me to submit a personal work. I don’t know what I will charge but I am guessing around .99 to 1.99.

I will post a section here and there of the stories for you to read and hopefully get you interested in wanting to read them. Besides, you never know what may happen. I could end up with a fifth story that will be the final act in all the other four.

You just don’t know.



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