Carlos Is Pissed.

I know the repetition of hearing about Carlos and Claudia gets old but I feel I need to share a tad bit of information about the Ghost of Carlos. I know the man is back and is once again causing me grief. It could have been him that give me the deadly cold I was stricken with but I highly doubt it was him. I don’t think ghost can give you a voodoo curse. I know it was the witch that sent this cold my way. The only good thing about the cold and the curse was it didn’t work as planned. I assume she didn’t have the blood of a virgin butterfly. Maybe the blood of some easy, whorish butterfly but not a pure one. Plus one for me for beating the witch and her wicked ways.

Aside from that, I am fully aware of the evilness of Carlos. While I sat in my room the other day, I was hearing the haunting calls of Carlos. I listened to my music, jamming away and playing a rousing game of Spider Solitaire, when out of the blue I started hearing the cries of a children. Poor kids. I don’t like when kids cry. I don’t even like it when kids are around me. Those things are nothing but trouble.

The children were laughing at first. It was pleasant. Not saying I want to hear kids laugh and giggle, but it’s better than hearing them cry in sheer terror. Before I knew it, they began to cry and shriek in terror. What could be the matter? What could be causing these children to act in such a manner? I pressed me ear to the ground. I don’t think I was being nosy. I was being a concerned neighbor. I heard a loud thump, a door slam and the children screamed bloody murder. I wish I was a fly in that room right then and there. To see what was the matter. I know what it was. I know what it is. It was the Ghost of Carlos. I have said before that I have never met the children, nor have I ever met his wife. I don’t even know if the wife is alive or if she ever really existed. Could she have left when she found out about the affair between Carlos and Claudia? I don’t know. I do know that their are children living below me and once I noticed the return of Carlos and Claudia, the kids become more active. Makes me wonder if the kids are connected to Carlos and Claudia. Before this haunting happened, it was as if the kids were no more. I heard nothing below me. Now, it’s a daily headache. The kids are up all the time. They make noises at all hours of the day. I hear them running around all day and night. What are they running from? If it’s something in the house, why not run out of those instead of running in circles like some bad Benny Hill video?

Where was I? Oh, yes. The other day. With my ear pressed to the ground, I heard what sounded like a man talking. It was Carlos. He had made himself known to the kids and is terrifying them. The children would scream each time Carlos would let out a ghastly moan. Each time they screamed, he groaned louder. The children still continued to cry. Carlos continued spooking them with the ghostly powers he has This went on for at least five minutes. The last, final scare came as a demon like roar. The kids screamed loudly. I heard them run out of the room. A door slammed and then silence from Carlos. His short haunting was over. It was becoming quite unpleasant. I don’t know what to do. I have never battled a ghost and if I ever had to, I am sure I would eff up and cross the streams.

I sat on the floor. I scratched my head and was puzzled. What am I to do? I cannot and will not intervene. My life would be at stake. I am already dealing with a zombie living in my walls and have had Carlos visit me before, I don’t want to see this apparition face to face. I feel bad for the children. While they look to Carlos for support, he haunts them with not a care in the world. I don’t know what he is working towards. I am not going to swoop in and save the kids. I don’t give two sheets about them. They can deal with this pissed off ghost all their self. But with Carlos being more active, I fear what will happen when Claudia reaches her boiling point. These two work as a team. Still, I wonder why he is spooking the children. What do the children mean? While I always assumed the children were ghosts themselves, this proves they aren’t. I haven’t even see the kids. I have never seen Carlos. I have never seen his wife. Strange, huh? You’d think that I would at least see someone at least once. Just proves to me that he is a ghost. That his wife isn’t with him anymore and the kids are forced to never leave the house. If they were to get outside, they could put an end to his reign of terror. They could bring peace to this complex. He cannot have them leave and tell the world of his existence. I hope that this was just an isolated incidence. I hope that he never resorts to scaring his kids like that again. It was pure agony. To hear children scream like that made my blood curl. They are trapped and have no way out. If someone else occurs, I will inform you all. Till then, children be safe. Carlos will one day find the light. The ghost whisperer will lead you there.

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