Open Letter to the Hate Mongers of Westboro Church

Westboro Shooter

This is a letter to the people of the Westboro Church. I hope they see it and I hope they realize that they are not God’s army. They are a hate group. They are horrible people and I wish them nothing but pain in the future.

Dear Westboro Church,

I am appalled at this so-called group of people who like to call themselves, Christians. Never once have I heard anything nice or positive about you people. Never once have I read anything positive or uplifting about how you bettered this world with lending a hand to those less fortunate. You are not Christians. You are not messengers of God. You are not a positive addition to this world and you are clearly not nice people. You and your homophobic followers are nothing but hateful, ignorant people. How can you travel the country and think that protesting funerals will make people see your view? It’s not helping your case. It’s not making people like you any more. In fact, with each funereal you picket and each time you open your mouth to speak, people band together and just wish that you will return to whatever hole you crawled out of. I shouldn’t say it but you are the worst kind of people alive. America would be a better place if you just went all Heaven’s Gate.

I know I am not perfect and I don’t follow God entirely. I admit that. I stray from God’s path but I don’t condemn people for the lives they lead and don’t scream, hallelujah when a sick person murders innocent women and children. Why must you cause more pain to the pain people are already enduring? When soldiers come back in body bags and when people with different lifestyles are murdered, you feel its okay to raise your middle finger to them because them dying isn’t for a good cause or because it was a hate crime but because God wants us to know that he is pissed for the world we created for ourselves.

I don’t dislike you. No. I can’t be that nice and easy on people with no hearts and no souls. I hate you. I literally hate you. You’re the worst kind of people. I’ve been told to not use that Westboro Childrenword. It is a strong word and I shouldn’t say it. Not because it is such a strong word but because my nieces have been taught not to use such a horrible word. But I feel a word like “hate” is okay to use towards people who spew just that from the ridiculous teachings they have learned from their “father”, Fred Phelps. If hating you is wrong then I pity you. I feel sorry for the repulsive and uncaring actions you do. You may think that the protesting and the picket signs you carry with pride help and spread the message you think God wants but all you’re doing is hurting people at their most vulnerable time. You don’t know these people. Their agony and their time of reflection needs to be their time. They don’t need you to come up there and rub salt in their wounds because you want to make some point that God is still angry because gay people exist. With the recent events in Newtown Connecticut, you took it as an opportunity to spread more hate. I bet you all were dancing around a bonfire when the news about the shooting happened. You didn’t grieve for the families. You didn’t feel anything. You were just happy that some deranged person shot up a school and murdered innocent children. To you, it’s God sending us a message and telling the state of Connecticut they made a big mistake with the acceptance of gay marriage. For your group of hate mongers to pile into a bus and drive hundreds of miles, to a city you never knew about, to claim that young children were murdered because God doesn’t like gay people, you have a strange way of spreading word of God.

Twenty Lives

I am happy your shitty website got shut down. I am happy people find you repulsive and worse than the actual person who committed this heinous act. I wish your hearts weren’t so black. I wish there was some love and compassion in your life. Twenty children died. Young children with fulfilling lives ahead of them. Teachers murdered. Lives ruined. Families wrecked. This was not God’s wrath and not him sending a message to the state of Connecticut about their stance on gay marriage. That tragedy had nothing to do with God. It was not his work. It was the work of a sick and unbalanced individual. It isn’t a calling card for your church to answer. These families need their time to grieve and say their final goodbyes to their children. They don’t need to hear you rejoicing about the death of their children.

I wish the news would stop reporting about you. I wish newspaper stopped printing stories about you and the awful signs you hold with pride. If they stopped with the reports about you and your stupidity, maybe you will go away. If we just ignore you and pretend you’re not there, maybe your hate group will just go away and America can go on living. You feed off our hate. No matter what we do, you keep coming back and you keep coming up with some reason why this world is doomed. We’re doomed not because we allow same sex marriage or look the other way when someone jaywalks. We’re doomed because your hate group is here.

Your church isn’t a church. You are not Christians  You aren’t even made in the image of Christ. You’re the crap on the bottom of our shoes. You’re the garbage in the street. You’re the ugliness of humanity. A ginger has more soul than you. I wish you guys would take a long look in the mirror and see that nothing you do betters the world or shines a beacon of light on you and your shitty church. If there was an eighth level of Hell, I am sure it’s there just for you and the people in your congregation.

Thank you,





If you feel this group is nothing but a hate group, please sign this petition. We need to put an end their hate and the pain the cause families. The petition can be found here.



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