Not On The Same Wavelength

I feel like I was just interrogated by my neighbor. It was almost as if he was trying to prove me wrong but I know better. I know when I am wrong and I know when I am right. I am happy to say that I wasn’t wrong because being wrong just isn’t my style. I am never wrong.  Boy, did my neighbor’s face turn red when I put him in his place. Let me explain the story. Then you can be the judge in all of this. I swear know I am right and he thinks he is. Decide. You’re the judge on this.

I was outside getting the mail when I met him by his mailbox too. I haven’t even spoken to him before. You’d think I would know more of my neighbors since I’ve been here for two years but I don’t. I like being alone. I like my solitude. I already explained that here. So, there we were. We talk a little and introduce ourselves. We both noticed the storm rolling in. I shouldn’t be on the computer because  I do worry about getting killed by an exploding computer. My neighbor laughed and said he believes the same thing.

The conversation switched over to something a little out of my league but some information I learned in high school, I did retain it. I liked two subjects in school. I love history and I enjoy learning about science. I guess I liked science so much, that when he (my neighbor) brought up electromagnetic waves, I sprang into action and spit out all that I know. I was going all Mr. Wizard on him. He laughed at me and called my beliefs in this “invisible waves” crazy talk. This is coming from my neighbor who was wearing a shirt discrediting the ‘Han shot first‘ theory. This guy is obviously crazy. I tapped into my vast storage bank of knowledge and shouted out,

a wave produced by the acceleration of an electric charge and propagated by the periodic variation of intensities of, usually,perpendicular electric and magnetic fields.

It was as if I just googled what are electromagnetic waves and picked a random website. Like I said, it was ‘as if’. I never said I actually did such a thing. If I did look it up, it would prove that I know nothing about electromagnetic waves and this post is a load of  Bantha poodoo. But I didn’t look it up. I swear I know this stuff. Anyway, back to the argument with my neighbor. He tried his best to disprove the actual existence of these waves. I threw well-known facts at him. He wouldn’t budge but finally after about fifteen minutes and a cold coffee later, he caved and finally accepted the face that electromagnetic waves do exist. I was all smug and he stood there with this look of shock and disappointment on his face. I love being right. I retreated by to my apartment. I stopped and turned towards him. I know my shit. I know all about electromagnetic waves and just to rub it in his face a little more, I stop and say to him

I am sorry but the truth Hertz. 

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