Two Faced.

There was already a link to this movie on my front page but I have decided to move it to a post. This movie was created a few years back. The idea for this movie has been around for much longer. I remember making up this movie. I have a recording on a digital recorder that my friends (Jennifer and Billie) and I discussed it one night while we drank and hung out at my old apartment. I never wrote the actual story to this thing. I have the notes for it still. To be honest, I do have maybe two pages wrote to it.

The movie isn’t close to what I really wanted it to be like. The game I used didn’t have much to offer in sets and props. I did what I could with it. There are some major holes and errors in this movie but the idea is there. It’s always been one of my favorite stories I came up with.

If I ever get around to writing the full story, I will post it. I can even go as far as create a re-imaging of the movie. When the movie was made, there was no “expansion pack” to this game. I wasn’t aware of all the mods people made for the game. I can do some digging and find some good props and sets to make the movie how I originally wanted it to be. If you already watched it, thanks. If you haven’t, then you should watch it. Watch it twice.

I do miss this game. It gave me the creativity I needed to show off my writing.

Enjoy the movie.

Click the link and it should open right up. If you have windows media player, just double the video to go full screen.

Two Faced (coming soon)

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