Twenty Kids – A poem dedicated to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary

On Friday, December 14th, a gunman opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary. Twenty kids and 6 adults were murdered. A poem for the people in Newtown, Connecticut. You are in my prayers.

twenty lives are wiped away

not to see another day.

twenty families with broken hearts,

and twenty families now torn apart.

twenty kids with futures destroyed,

twenty kids without their toys.

twenty futures left unwritten,

now twenty families without their children.

twenty moms now cry in pain

for twenty kids who died in vain.

twenty kids will never know

what it’s like to age and grow.

to drive a car,

or graduate,

no twenty first kisses

and no twenty first dates

twenty less birthdays

and twenty less proms,

eight less dads,

and twelve less moms.

No twenty weddings

and no twenty first loves

but now twenty more angels

in heaven above.

Twenty Kids - Sandy Hook Elementary



I hope you enjoyed reading this poem. You’re welcome to copy it and share it with others.

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