The End

I will make this short.

My site is closing. It is not my choice. I received an email earlier today explaining that certain portions of my site are breaking different sections of the rules I agreed to. I did not read the rules. Who does? I replied back asking them what content it was. I was hoping that maybe I can delete the posts and keep the site up. The gentleman I was talking to wouldn’t say what. He just repeated that the site will be taken down Monday at 5pm (CST).

I am given a few days to collect all the data, save files, and then move on to another site. I will not be receiving a refund. Come Monday, I will no longer be at I don’t know where I will be or if I will even continue doing this. I spent 3 years working on my site only to hear that it is being removed due to content they find offensive.

Thank you for reading my site. I hope you enjoyed it.


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I like food. I like the smell of cinnamon.

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