Random Email From A Random Girl

I received an email earlier today from a gal a never met. According to her, we have. I read the email and after I finished, I came to the conclusion that her and I are meant to be with eachwebcamother. I haven’t contacted Adriana yet. I hope this isn’t fake. I really think this may be true love. I really think I have a shot with this wonderful girl. She seems level-headed and has a strong career. If it doesn’t work out between her and I, you’re welcome to try. Here is the email she sent me today. I was thinking about editing her mistakes and the poor grammar but I think it shows character. I think that is the thing that drew me towards her. If this was a spam email, you really think they would lace it with spelling errors and such? I highly doubt it. A human wrote this. A sexy, ready to dominate me, gal wrote this. I need to act fast. I don’t want to miss out on this. I am in love. I just hope she is too. True love or is she pulling the wool over my eyes?


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