Eventually, We Will Run Out Of Band-Aids.

Another shooting. It is the norm now. I think America is broke. We are a broken country with little to no regard to anyone. We are constantly killing each other because…well, I don’t know. We just do. We just keep killing each other and pray. We pray that it will end and condemn violence. But let a day or two pass and we are back at it again, killing each other then praying for it to end. Rinse and repeat.

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Gun Control & Saving Lives

Ronald Reagan Gun ControlIn the wake of the tragic event that happened in Kansas City just this past week, I want to talk to you about my stance on gun control, gun violence, and how it can be fixed. I am not an expert.  I think gun control is something we need to figure out fast before another senseless act of violence unfolds and it becomes another national story that puts two sides at each other’s throats. No one will ever comes to an agreement over guns. People want the right to bear arms and others want stricter laws to keep people from buying and owning guns. I don’t think certain people should own guns. If you’re mentally unstable or if you have a violent criminal record, I don’t think owning a gun should ever be something you should be allowed to partake in. But sadly, those crazy people will find a way to get a gun and use it for what ever deviant purpose they see fit. If Belcher didn’t own a gun, I am sure that he still would have found a way to take the life of him and his girlfriend. Maybe it wouldn’t have been a gun or maybe it would have been. People will always find a way. It seems corny to say it but, ‘where there’s  a will, there’s a way’. If Belcher was that far off the deep end, finding a gun or any weapon to appease him would have been his first and only priority.

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