My Apartment Is Cleansed

Back in late August (08/20/2010), I mentioned how I had new neighbors moving in. I did fear them. I was not sure of what kind of heathens were going to be residing next to me for however long it may be. I was happy the Lazy Laundriers moved away. The reason for their departure is still unknown. I was paying rent one day and she asked how I like the new neighbors. I agreed they are good people. I added that they are better with completing their laundry than the past tenants. I mentioned two people living there. She snapped back at me. It was almost as if two people living their was my fault. Two people were not on the lease. It was just one. But which one? Was it the male or the female? Who was the person on the lease? Doesn’t matter now. They are gone. Life was good.

Flash forward to the arrival of the new peeps. I know his name. I don’t know hers. I know he told me one day but after a few drinks, I tend to forget them. Not to mention, I am terrible with names. So while Zach (still unsure of how he spells his name) and the others begin to move in boxes and the others, I questioned what kind of people they are. I am not talking about if they are party people, dbags, or a Mickey and Mallory Knox type couple. I just wanted to know if they are on the side of good or the dark. No Sith Lords here. I mean dark. Minions of the devil himself.

It could be too early to tell but as of now, I think God intervened and brought peace and some tranquility to my apartment. I usually listen to my music through headphones. I always pissed off the Ghost of Carlos. The last week, I took some pretty big risks and played the music through my speakers. I listened not only to the music but for any sign that I could be angering the ghost below me. There were no complaints from Carlos about the volume level of my music. I might be jumping the shark but today and since the BP’s have moved in, things are going swimmingly. There have been no issues. Before I write this, I’ll knock on wood. I have not heard anything from Claudia. It’s very strange. There haven’t been any noises from her. She is out of my dreams and she’s not even in my car. Where on Earth did she go? Before the Boston Pop’s moved in, life was hell. After the LL’s moved out, things were better. Granted, I still had visits from Claudia and the Ghost of Carlos still tormented me. But for two weeks, nothing. Nada.

It is all good. Why isn’t he raising hell? Did something happen to him? Maybe he moved out too. I thought that. I mean I normally heard the ghost children running about and other random noises but as of lately, there hasn’t been any sounds coming from below. Like right now. As I am writing this blog, he’s not saying anything. It’s pretty loud. No knocking on the ceiling. It’s very strange. The other night, I had a couple people over. One friend decided to introduce herself to Carlos. She said he was reluctant to shaking her hand. Could mean something. Could just mean he’s OCD like me with germs. She said he was very nice and even offered to aid me if I ever needed it. The old Carlos wouldn’t offer help. The new Carlos did. What the hell is going on!? I’ve never seen Carlos but she did? Let’s go out on a limb here. Here is what could have happened. At least one possibility.

I offered my soul to the devil to rid myself of the Lazy Laundriers. My wish came true. Is my soul damned? No. My deal with the devil was never complete. God made sure of that. Weeks pass. The Boston Pops move in. Since they have moved in, I haven’t heard from Claudia and the Ghost of Carlos hasn’t been giving me grief. Zach was sent from God and cleansed my apartment of Claudia. Since Claudia is gone, so is the Ghost of Carlos. These two were attached to each other through love. She was sent to hell (where she belongs) and with her being gone, the connection between her and Carlos was broke. He was free from her evil grasp. His spirit was now free. Being free from the evil that was Claudia, God granted him a second chance. Since he was just a pawn in the world of Richard and Claudia, he came back to Earth to raise his children. Should I say raise or should I say protect? But who is he here to protect? His kids or me? And if he is here now to protect me, who from?

How crazy is it to be rid of the Lazy Laundriers, The Dead Zombie Wife, and the Ghost of Carlos? Even though they never harassed me, Needle Nancy and Tramp Stamp are both gone. These things are not coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, right? The same time I was in the landlord’s office, I brought up NN and TS moving out. I did foul up and said,

Oh, I don’t know their real names. I had pet names for them.”

I did dub my new neighbors, “The Boston Pops”. Maybe I should be nice to them. I usually give those I am not fond of names. I hardly know these people. I have talked to Zach a few times. He is a really nice guy. But since Zach has wore two shirts promoting the Boston Red Sox, I felt it best fits him and his family to be the Boston Pops. It’s much easier to have names like these when talking about the people I live around. NN & TS place is still empty. It’s only a matter of time before some crazy people move in there. Hopefully they don’t know the Bleach Murderer. Zach and his family have saved me from the hellish beast that craved my soul. I mentioned before that Zach is a Biblical name.

I don’t know but it looks like I will have a rough road ahead of me. I do not want to come off and say these are bad people. They may in fact be really nice. But with the circumstances that surround me, I am worried that maybe they might end up being the death of me. I brought this upon myself. I made a deal with the devil to get the Lazy Laundriers out of this place. I got these people here. I could have brought death to my door. But after researching the meaning of the name Zach, I am perplexed to what will really happen to me. According to every site I read, Zach means, “pure and innocent” or it also means, “the lord remembered“. Could this be a good thing? Maybe God intervened and sent this person to protect me from the real evil that lives below me. Is it a coincidence that Carlos lives below me? That this evil spirit is under my feet? Hell is below us. Heaven is above us. I have nothing above me. Has God forgotten about me? Am I to fend for myself against this evil man who lives under my feet? Who in all actuality, lives in hell?

The words in bold are two meanings of Zach’s name. He is my savior. He has cleansed my apartment of the evil that once seeped from the walls. But…and I do mean but. If I did make a pact with the devil, is the peace I am having now the work of him or is it really the work of God? Things can still happen. They haven’t been here very long. Aren’t things always calm before the storm? And is it even more of a coincidence that they moved in during a hellish storm? The storm brought them in, like creatures from the mist. It would be easy for them to sneak in. Roll in with the dark clouds and act as if you’re just a normal couple with a small child. I need to keep my chin up. I need to believe that the worst is over. I will never be bothered again by Claudia or Carlos. There is still another possibility to everything that is going on. The first one is God doing all the work and him bringing in the BP’s to save me. The second possibility is if I was the reason the Lazy Laundriers are gone and the Boston Pop’s are here. My soul is doomed.

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I made a deal with the devil to get the Lazy Laundriers out of my apartment complex. It worked. The LL’s were cast out and sent to an unknown location. I basked in the perfect life for a week or two. I made it to the promise land. It was good. Just too good to be true. When the storm ravaged our city, the dark rain clouds brought not only rain and thunder, it brought along a trio of demon spawn. Zach may have a Biblical name but it’s the devil’s game here. He knows me well. He knows I’ll be looking up the name and seeing any connection I can to the Bible. The demon spawn rid me of the LL’s. As for Claudia and Carlos, well they are still here. Carlos offered aid to me so I’d let him in my apartment. Claudia is just staying dormant. They are just waiting for the right moment. Once I let my guard down, I’m going to be attacked from all sides. Needle Nancy and Tramp Stamp are gone. They lived next door. Their exit was also planned by the devil. Get them out and bring in someone new. I’ll have no where to run. I will be surrounded by demons no matter which way I turn. It’s all up to when the Zach Attack will happen. Zach sure does promote his love for Boston. What happened in Massachusetts in the late 1600’s? Witches. Evil witches and their dark magic. You’re not fooling me.

But that just a theory. Anything can happen. But I am looking at the glass half full. This period of peace is enjoyable. I just hope that Zach is truly here as my savior and the deal I made with the devil was annulled. As before, I will keep you posted on what terrors await me. I still have to worry about the new people taking residence in Needle Nancy & Tramp Stamp’s old brothel house. I still have to keep an ear to the wall for any clues if the Dead Zombie Wife is still with me. Is the Ghost of Carlos still going to make my musical life hell? Lots of questions still. I thought that I was safe but the idea that Zach may be the devil in sheep’s clothing worries me a lot. Pray for me.


Deal With The Devil: The Fall Of The Lazy Laundriers

You all know the tale of the Lazy Laundriers. These two wretched people were a burden on my existence. A few days ago, I was outside smoking when I noticed the LL’s car door was ajar. (when is a Moving Truckdoor not a door? When it’s ajar). I could have been the kind neighbor and relayed the message to them but I didn’t. Before the angel on my right (or is it left) shoulder could tell me to tell them, the male LL came out of the apartment with a box. First thing I thought of was, “Holy Laundry, Batman! They’re moving!” He packed the box, closed the door, and went back indoors. Moments later, he returned to the car with yet another box. The angels were singing, God was smiling on me that day. A dream I had since the first day these two came a part of my life was finally coming true. I wonder why they moved out? There could be many reasons. Maybe their lease was up. Maybe they were evicted for not paying rent. Or maybe it was something else. And I know why.


I have been frustrated with these two with their laziness on washing and drying their clothes. I understand I could have avoided this situation if I just removed the clothes. But you need to understand that I cannot touch their clothes. Who knows what foul things are growing on them. I don’t believe these two were trash. I just think they were dirty. Very, very dirty. I haven’t been attacked or visited by Claudia for some time. I don’t know why that is. Until now. Once I discovered Claudia’s presence, I was tortured by her. She would come to me in my sleep. Claudia would scratch at the walls. She was in cahoots with the Ghost of Carlos. Claudia is a dead zombie wife. She listened to my conversations. She was aware of everything I did. She knows my deepest secrets. She knows my daily routines. If I did it, Claudia knew. I assume (and this is only an assumption) that she felt the pain I was suffering with the Lazy Laundriers. With all my whining and the days I went to bed, crying myself to sleep, she felt maybe pity on me. I hate to think that I made a deal with the devil but with the event that took place just days ago, I think I may have. Claudia might not be the devil but with her being the undead and her being a ghoulish tormentor, you can bet your sweet ace she has the devil on speed dial.

I fear Claudia. I do not know what this creature is capable of. I do not know what powers she has. I know she’s dead. I know she’s a zombie and I know she’s (was) a wife. But what other powers does she have? With her absence from my abode, did she crawl her way over to the Lazy Laundriers apartment? Could that be the reason why I haven’t seen or heard her for some time? Maybe these two were slacking on the laundry because they were battling her but that doesn’t explain why they slacked before hand. Before she tormented them. Their will was weak. They were not aware of the story about Claudia. Maybe the clawing was too much. Remember how I said I heard knocking on the walls? That wasn’t just a one time thing. I have heard it multiple times. Maybe they were trying to scare her away by knocking on the walls. Silly, rabbit. Knocking is not going to get rid of her. I don’t know how. If I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell you. Did Claudia sneak away from me and go about and make their lives hell?

It’s a lot to take in. If this is true and Claudia did haunt them, I am afraid to admit it was because of me. I am now attached to this apartment. I am now a part of the story, the legend of the Claudia and Richard. If I was to leave, I could turn their undead world upside down. I know far too much. But now, with the power of the internet, the world or just the select few that read this blog now know about it. No Pet They don’t allow pets at my apartment. If I had a dog, I would have known about Claudia from the get go and I wouldn’t be here at this complex, or at least in this apartment.  Then again, there was a time a month or so ago when the police came by with dogs to search all apartments. They said they were looking for drugs. But I know the real reason. They were looking for something not of this world. Oddly enough, they never came by my apartment. Makes me wonder…

Claudia couldn’t have that. She has to keep me here. Why? I am still trying to figure that out. I doubt the landlord would let me leave just because of the laundry issue. I can’t even bring up how there is a zombie living in my walls. For all I know, they could already know about it. Did you know that they don’t allow pets in my complex? Is that a new rule or was it started from the get go? Let’s pretend if was a newly enforced rule. I know children are highly aware of spirits. Even the animal world succumb to the affairs of the spirit world. Maybe the landlord knew about the murder of Claudia. Maybe they knew she haunted my place. They couldn’t have tenants leaving all willy nilly. Put a no pet policy in the clause.

For the few short weeks I was left alone from Claudia, my life was bliss. I shouldn’t really say it was bliss. I was still dealing with the laundry fiasco. Granted, the laundry issue is a far cry from a dead zombie haunting me. I’d rather deal with moldy clothes and lazy people over Claudia any day. She was ruthless to them. She was never that cruel to me. But she dealt everything she had on to the LL’s. Each day I complained. I would announce my hatred for them on @twitter or on facebook. I even blogged before about them and what a-holes they were for not completing a load of laundry in a timely manner. Claudia was fearing that sooner or later I would leave. She couldn’t have that. I even wrote on facebook that I wish I could send Claudia over to their place to run them out. Maybe it was a coincidence, but after that was posted, the Lazy Laundriers were packing up. None of this makes sense. Was that the final straw? Did the finally grow tired of Claudia and pack up? Did Claudia give them a final scare to finally get them out?

I feel like I am not making much sense. I am jumping all over the place. But the fact of the matter is, Claudia is the reason they left. I am the reason she did what she did. Maybe she started small. Maybe she stopped over at their place every so often to terrorize them. Whatever it was, I made a pact with the devil. The Lazy Laundriers are now gone. It now worries me about what is in store for me? Am I going to burn in hell for all eternity for sending Claudia over to them to do a job I was chicken s**t to do? What about the future tenant? Is there a bigger picture I am not aware of? Do Claudia’s powers reach further than just the walls of my apartment? I am a guy who likes to think ahead on many of things. Maybe the laundry issue was just a cover up. Maybe they were slacking on the laundry because she was already tormenting them. This could have been a project in the works for some time. The first time they slacked on washing and drying their clothes was not because they were lazy but because Claudia was already haunting them. They were trying to deal with her and wash clothes. Not to mention, take care of a child. It was too much to handle. They chose taking care of their child and dealing with Claudia than washing/drying their clothes. With them not washing their clothes, Claudia knew it was going to anger me. I already said she listens to me and knows my secrets and my lifestyle. She knows I am a neat freak. With them not washing their clothes, it was going to drive me nuts. But she couldn’t get them out all her own. She needed a person with a soul to get her to.

I could be wrong but maybe this was Claudia’s way of getting out and finding her way to the light. She couldn’t do it without me. Once I wished for her to haunt them, I opened up something that I can not fathom. I gave her the right to finally unleash hell on them. There are two possibilities. One, Claudia is now gone. She found the light and she is free to spend the afterlife in heaven or hell and I am free from her torment. Or, she is still here. She wanted the Lazy Laundriers gone for one reason. To bring in a new tenant. But who is this tenant? What connection do they have with her? Could the devil end up being my new neighbor? If so, I’ll never know. The devil has a pretty face. It’s not socially acceptable to go up to people and ask, “are you the devil?” I already sold my soul to the devil to rid me from the LL’s. Maybe he’s coming to collect. Nowhere in the leasing agreement did I agree to pay rent with my soul. Hell

This is too much to take in. I am happy the Lazy Laundriers are gone but I fear what is to come. I do wish that Claudia is finally gone but I don’t think she is. I have come to play an important part in her life now. She may be aware of everything I do but I am clueless as to what she is up to. Once the new tenant moves in, you can be sure I’ll be watching them like a hawk. Should I try to be friendly with them? Do I ignore them and pretend that they don’t exist? If I welcome them with open arms, I am just letting them into my life and that is what Claudia wants. I just wish I knew what she wants from me. Why am I so important to her? If she was wanting me to stay all along, then why scare me? Was her coming to me in my dreams a warning? So many questions…

Guess I won’t know till the new tenants move in. I promise that once they move in, I will let you know. I am a lost cause. My soul is now property of the devil. I wanted the Lazy Laundriers out. She fulfilled my wish. I am now in debt to her and to the devil. Is there a way to get my soul back? If you know, let me know. I may not be a religious person. I might not believe in heaven or hell but if these places do exist, I rather not spend my life in a room with no air conditioning.


A Ghost Story

Ghost & ManI have mentioned Carlos many times. He is the man who lives below me. I have yet to ever meet him. I don’t ever plan on it either. It’s not that I hate this man, I just find his stubbornness annoying as hell. I am appalled that he doesn’t like my taste in music. He’s always pounding on the ceiling. That’s usually a message to, “turn that crap off.” So I do. I respect the people who live around me. I might not be very fond of Needle Nancy, Tramp Stamp, and the Lazy Laundriers. They are a strange bunch. Even the dead zombie wife, Claudia doesn’t give me that much grief. But Carlos, well let me tell you about him.

I am beginning to think this man is not real. Okay. I mean he was real. He just isn’t anymore. I think Carlos is dead…

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Dead Zombie Wife

Poe wrote  a story about a man who killed his wife and stuffed her in the wall. The story is fiction but I believe life can imitate art. I recently moved into a new place. It’s a very nice place. It’s large, it’s quiet, and the area is safe. Like Poe, I have my own black cat. I have not yet seen this black cat but it is becoming somewhat of a nuisance. I have dubbed this nuisance, Carlos. Carlos is the man living below me. He has a litter himself. They run wild, cry, and cause me grief. Some kids need to be put down or do what the narrator of “the black cat” wanted to. Finish it off with an axe to the head. I am not one to condoned violence. I would never hurt a child or another human being. It is not in my nature. But I would like to put my foot somewhere inside Carlos.

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