No Vacancy

As predicted, the freedom I had from not having neighbors is no more. A new tenant has moved in. I am a bit upset over it. I enjoyed the freedom from the Lazy Laundriers. I didn’t get much time to enjoy it. I never got to fall in love with a laundry room all to myself. Sure I had it all alone for a few weeks but the love I had to offer it wasn’t there. I liked it. I hadn’t moved on to the love step of the relationship. I was ready. I really was. But now, that is no more. I will have to share it with complete strangers. How I hate strangers. They are bad people. When I was little, we had a code word. If someone ever claimed to know a family member and came knocking on our door, they had to know the code word to have us open the door. I was just a small child when we my sister created the word. We never used it. That’s a good thing. I guess. I mean, I was never kidnapped. No strangers ever came knocking. Only people that ever did, were those damn Mormons.

I was relaxing at home, watching some TV. I heard a ruckus coming from outside. I thought maybe it was the neighborhood kids running wild. Speaking of those kids, here is a conversation I heard earlier between some kids. I will guess and say these kids are no older than 12.

Girl One: See ya later, hoes!

Girl Two: We’ll be back! And if we’re not, you can kiss our (smack bottom) ass!

Boy One: (sitting on porch). You can suck my dick!

Girl One: Then I’ll rip that tiny thing off!

Kids these days. Anyway, I went to investigate the noise. I opened the door and saw a U-Haul. My heart sank. I was heart broken. I saw a man walking in carrying a box. He was wearing a bandanna. As they were moving in he began to complain about it. Either he lost it or set it somewhere and forgot where. Doesn’t matter. Bandanna Jack was my neighbor. Oh, wait. Who is this? Another person? A gentlemen walked out of the apartment. He looked at me. I looked at him. We said hello. He introduced himself as, Zach (or Zack). Okay. I guess Bandanna Jack and this guy are living here. I can’t stop there. It didn’t stop there. Another person stepped out of the U-Haul. She came up carrying a box. We said hello.

Me: Hello.

Lady: Hi. You said you’re name is Kirk or Kurt?

Me: Kirk.

Zach: Kirk! Like Captain.

Lady: Like church?

Me: Yes. Like Church.

I give her credit for knowing that. I give him the finger for saying the “C” word. I’ve said it once and I will say it again. I effin’ hate that nickname.  I chatted a bit with him. Turns out it’s just him (Zach), his wife and their 2 year old daughter/son. I don’t hate kids. I just can’t stand the noise of a crying baby. That’s probably why I say I will never have children. I like quiet. Babies are loud. Not to mention messy, needy, and like a puppy, in constant need of attention. I went inside to sulk. They went inside to rearrange their furniture.

I am hesitant about getting close to these people. I don’t know if they are normal people or if they were sent by the devil himself. I know Claudia and The Ghost of Carlos are planning something. These new people could be the death of me. I find it odd that the day they move in, there was a hellish storm outside. I mean sirens going off, a downpour of rain, thunder, and lightning. Is that a sign from above? Let me look up what storms mean according to a random (google click) dream site.

The storm is a symbol of strong feelings and fears that have your emotions in uproar. Being in a storm means that you will face a hard fight and the best defense is a good preparation. Struggling through a storm is a sign that you need to be prepared for problems and losses. Listening to a storm roaring outside denotes bad news ahead. A dream also can have a comment on the climate of a personal relationship. A tiff with a loved one may turn into a dream storm or hurricane.

Link 1.

Another one,

To see a storm in your dream, signifies overwhelming struggle, shock, devastating loss and catastrophe in your personal affairs. The storm also represents unexpressed fears or emotions, such as anger, rage, turmoil, etc.

Link 2.

I don’t know but it looks like I will have a rough road ahead of me. I do not want to come off and say these are bad people. They may in fact be really nice. But with the circumstances that surround me, I am worried that maybe they might end up being the death of me. I brought this upon myself. I made a deal with the devil to get the Lazy Laundriers out of this place. I got these people here. I could have brought death to my door. But after researching the meaning of the name Zach, I am perplexed to what will really happen to me. According to every site I read, Zach means, “pure and innocent” or it also means, “the lord remembered“. Could this be a good thing? Maybe God intervened and sent this person to protect me from the real evil that lives below me. Is it a coincidence that Carlos lives below me? That this evil spirit is under my feet? Hell is below us. Heaven is above us. I have nothing above me. Has God forgotten about me? Am I to fend for myself against this evil man who lives under my feet? Who in all actuality, lives in hell?

It’s a very interesting situation I am in. I mean, in one hand I made a deal with the devil to get rid of the Lazy Laundriers. My soul is lost. But could Zach be someone who is here to save me? Could he be a messenger from God to return my soul that I lost? He is pure. He is innocent. But all pure and innocent people can be corrupted. He can fall to the sinister actions of Claudia and the Ghost of Carlos.

Speaking of Carlos. I think I met his wife and one of his children. Two Hispanic people walked from out of the parking lot and down the sidewalk. They walked passed my apartment. The mother looked at me and smiled. The daughter, who looked maybe about 4, looked at me. What freaked me out was when the little girl walked by, she stared at me. She had her hand extended and just pointed at me as she walked by. Her finger moved, keeping it pointed at me as she walked away. This happened a day before the new neighbors moved in. Did Carlos know about them moving in? Was he aware of maybe God’s plan to send a protector for me? Was it some sign that they were “watching me”?

So many questions to answer.

  1. Who are these new neighbors?
  2. Did God send them?
  3. Did the Devil send them?
  4. Did The Ghost of Carlos or Claudia have anything to do with them moving in?

I don’t know his wife name. I don’t know their daughter’s name. Those names are and will be important to me. If they are religious names, then I might be safe and have a gaggle of protectors living next door. If the names aren’t and mean something a little more sinister, then I might be in a little trouble. I do hope it’s for the best. I hope for some protection. It has been a while since I have heard from Claudia. If they are here for good, there are two outcomes to this. One, they could rid my apartment of the evil living inside the walls. Or, they could anger her enough knowing they are on the same team with the Lord. She could do everything to drive them out. She and Carlos cannot have a messenger of the Lord living next door. It could mean the end to their reign of terror.

I will keep you posted. This is big. I was not sure of who was going to move in. But now that they are living here, everything could come crashing down. A can of worms are now open. It’s just a matter of time till I find out what side they are on. I hope they are on the side of the good. If not, I don’t even want to think of what will happen. Good or bad, I did sell my soul to the devil. I am a lost cause. But, and I going out on a limb here. If they are sent by God, this could be a chance for me to reclaim my soul and hopefully spend all eternity in the presence of God.