I’m Not The Only One.

I planned on posting this a while ago but never got around to it. Now that I have established some sort of blog, I can now post the data I collected. The main purpose of this site is to discuss my love and my hatred for food. My number one food I dislike is the green bean. People think I am crazy cause I don’t eat it. Take a look at some of the other foods people dislike. You’ll see why I am not as picky as I or others make me out to be.

Ann Says,

Onions, Peppers, Fish, Mushrooms, and Olives.

Patti Says,

Beets, Eggs (she’s alergic), smelts, saurkraut, collard greens.

David Says,

Seafood, Fresh Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Ants, and Cow Intestines.

Keith Says,

Raisins, Liver, Lima Beans, Diet Drinks, Beets.

Erin Says,

Tomatoes, Seafood, Brussel Sprouts, Liver, Mutton.

Judelka Says,

Allergic To Seafood.

I do agree with some of them. Seems seafood isn’t as popular as people make it out to be. I have tried it. It taste horrible. Though, I would like to try lobster once. I have a fear of lobsters. I wonder what phobia you’d call it? I was once chased around by a co-worker with a live lobster. I was helping unload a truck and saw a box moving. “The box is alive.” He laughs and calls me names I cannot and will not repeat. “It’s cause there’s a lobster in it.” I backed away from the small box. He laughed, proceeded to open it and chased me around screaming and laughing. Do I hate him for what he did? You bet your ass I do.

What the eff is a mutton?

Ants? Really? Ants?

I had a list from another person of foods they hate. She is even wackier than I am. I know she hates Orange Juice. She doesn’t like things with sugar in it. Oh, and she hates pink lemonade but likes the yellow. She claims she isn’t pickier than I am. But she is. Big time.

Why not comment below, tell us what you don’t like to eat. Is there an expection to the rule? (cooked onions over raw onions)