My Roommate Agreement: Part 1

People like to compare me to the character on that semi-funny show, The Big Bang Theory. They like to say that I am a lot like Sheldon Cooper but from the bits and pieces of the that show I have seen, I don’t agree. But no matter. I can handle people comparing me to him but I cannot handle being called a certain name. If I were to say anything about Mr. Cooper and similarities between him and I, I would go with the extensive roommate agreement he had that dude from Roseanne sign. I have my own rules to being a roommate. I have rules to people being my wife. I have many rules for being my wife. I’ll link you to those later. For now, I want to share with you a collection of some of the rules a roommate must follow when they decide to live with me. If you don’t like these rules then I suggest you never get the idea in your head about you and I sharing a place together. It will never happen.

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Why Getting a Roommate Will Be The Death of Me

roommateI am a loner. I’ve been called weird for living alone. I’ve been called a loser for wanting to live alone and not socialize with people. I guess when you live alone and spend a majority of your time, tweeting, blogging, and making bad but funny puns, it automatically qualifies you as a weirdo. If I am a loser, so be it. I guess my high school english teacher was correct. I guess he predicted this and the future of being lonely, boring, and one-dimensional. Thank you, Mr. Purple Polo. You know what? Remember that paper you wanted me to write about “why I can’t do homework because I work too much?”  I never wrote it. I had to work and with my dedication to my job and lack of motivation, I decided to not write your stupid paper and opted to make money instead.

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