Have You Ever Seen: Mr. Boogedy

Another movie from my childhood is a Disney movie. Every Sunday night, Disney treated people to “The Wonderful World of Disney”. The movie aired back in 1986. I was 7 years old when it came out. I cannot recall if the movie scared me or not.  The movie is about a family that moves to a small New England town to set up shop with their Gag City business. The house they move into is haunted by the hamburger face ghoul named, Mr. Boogedy and a sick child named Jonathan. But if the movie Troll scared me, I bet this did too. Mr. Boogedy is truly a fantastic movie. The movie even spawned a sequel, “The Bride of Boogedy”. Was it as good as the first one? No. Not many sequels ever surpass the original.

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iPhone App Review: We Rule

If you have ever played Farmville on Facebook, then you should be familiar with how the game play works. The game is developed by Ngmoco and New Toy. In We Rule (iTunes | free), you are the ruler of the kingdom. The premise is simple. You plant crops, wait for them to grow and then sell them for a nice profit. The first crop at your disposal is corn. It takes only 45 seconds to harvest. As time progresses and the higher up you level, more crops are available and the payout is even larger. Keep an eye on the time it takes. If it says it takes 2 hours and 30 seconds, then it will take just that. Don’t worry though. The game does come with push notification. You’re given a friendly reminder that your crop is ready to harvest.  If the pesky, almost annoying push notifications bother you, you can turn them off in the settings panel on your phone (settings>notifications>we rule) or you can do it from right in the game.

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